US State Department Hands Terror-Cult US Base in Iraq

Only comment is that readers surely now have sufficient evidence of the fake ‘war on terror‘ scenario.

Land Destroyer

Unimaginable Treason at the Highest Levels of US Governance.
by Tony Cartalucci

March 9, 2012
– In an unbelievable act of high treason and overt criminality, the US State Department, headed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has finalized arrangements to move the US State Department-listed foreign terror organization, Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK), into the former US military base “Camp Liberty’ in Iraq.

Effectively turning the camp into a living monument of desecration to the memories of 6,000+ LinkUS troops killed over the last 10 years of the fraudulent “War on Terror,” the US State Department is also appropriating US taxpayers’ money to make upgrades to the camp to accommodate the terrorist organization. In Foreign Policy Magazine’s article, “Are the MEK’s U.S. friends its worst enemies?,” it is indicated that up to 3,000 terrorists are expected to move into the new site with the first two…

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4 Responses to US State Department Hands Terror-Cult US Base in Iraq

  1. I appreciate you re-blogging this Ken, because I had not paid enough attention to it in my short visit to LD the other day.

    Bolton’s name at the top of this list (and Giuliani’s in the middle) make the whole gang suspect of the highest crimes ‘by association’, in my opinion.

    Andrew Card, for example – wasn’t he the official handler of President Bush in Sarasota on Sept 11 2001? Given the amount of US-allied terrorists that we have discovered to have been lurking in those Florida environs at the time, I’m thinking Bush is lucky to have escaped with his sorry little life (in the spirit of al-Jazeera and CNN let me offer my own fantastic guess of wishful thinking – the success of the WTC attacks – or some unforseen local screw-up – probably prevented activation of the plan to have the President himself kidnapped that day).

    I’m guessing now (I have no way of knowing) that all these neocons realized before the Iraq War (2003) that our fighting men would believe whole-heartedly in the purity of a ‘war on terror’ that was in fact quite fraudulently mixed up with the evil that our men had been stirred up to fight. I would infer further (without being sure) that the US ‘muscle’ of simple American country boys has been made to suffer the brunt of the damages in an offensive which threw them in to die in a fight not against but alongside listed terrorist organizations. Which might suggest in conclusion (but without certainty) that Americans unknowingly spilled their own blood in a local theater of a campaign whose real objective was (and still is) the complete destabilization of the Middle East and Eurasia – and the propping up of mean-spirited oily theocracies everywhere (in the name of phony, co-opted and demoralized ‘democracy’) all to be conveniently enforced by the likes of MEK, the Libyan ‘opposition’, and others.

    Please don’t quote me. This is just entre-nous.

    • Yes John. There can be little doubt of the contrivance of it all.
      Giuliani et al benefitting (big time), from the WTC attacks.
      John McCain in the ME organising the rebels and the new “governments”.
      Hillary Clinton lying through her teeth (they are probably false), about terrorists who are actually the US allies or stooges.
      Al Qaeda now an ally with the US, their sins forgotten. Of course they always were, in whatever form, US allies or creations.
      Re Andrew Card: (Ref Wiki and SourceWatch).
      “On September 11, 2001, it was Card who whispered in Bush’s ear while the President was conducting an education event at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida that terrorists had attacked the United States.”
      “Card helped coordinate the White House campaign for the 2003 invasion of Iraq In September 2002, the New York Times quoted Card as saying, “From a marketing point of view you don’t introduce new products in August.” Card was explaining what the Times characterized as a “meticulously planned strategy to persuade the public, the Congress, and the allies of the need to confront the threat from Saddam Hussein.” George W. Bush credited Card with the idea for Bush’s brief visit to 600 U.S. soldiers celebrating Thanksgiving in Baghdad in 2003″
      One of the ‘ungodly’, pay off for being silent about ‘you know what’,

      As you say, destabilization and (I say) control.

      And the US blood, splattered all over the globe. A continuous rampage of war crimes based on lies.

      One can only hope that there is a Hell in the afterlife of these criminals, as they are certainly creating a Hell here on Earth for so many, in the interests of so few.

      • Ken, your distinction between destabilization and control is noted, but it looks to me that they never actually get that golden egg of control, but instead only a ruined state and more civilian deaths – witness Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Guatemala, Vietnam, etc.

        This stems from their profound misunderstanding of human love, loyalty, and the sovereignty of states. They are working with a false theory of humanity and government but hold the immense power to ‘try it out’ in any civil society on earth (to that society’s ruin).

      • John, I agree with what you say almost in total.
        The control I am thinking about is more a removal of opposition, generally political or oil/resources management.
        Other than that that, they have no interest in the people themselves or in helping them.
        They actually did not achieve much in Vietnam, only destruction, devestation and human sacrifices.

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