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Food stamp recipients panic as federal EBT system crashes; government IT systems rapidly unraveling

This ‘Natural News‘ article is newsworthy if one wants to keep abreast of the US internal collapse. Sad really [understatement], because such a state should never have developed. Only because of absolute greed by the bankers and the bribed politicians, … Continue reading

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Obamacare a Private Sector Rip-Off of Americans

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By Paul Craig Roberts Global Research Obamacare works for the insurance companies, but not for the uninsured. .The government of the “world’s only superpower,” the “exceptional,” the “indispensable” country, claims to know what is best…

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More CLN posts of Vital Interest

Much of value here.  This is the easiest way to keep this blog up to date with important issues. There are far too many to treat these issues individually. Thanks ‘Conscious Life News‘. What’s the Pentagon Hiding at a Georgia … Continue reading

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Syria Is Becoming Obama’s Iraq

From ‘nsnbc’, by Shamus Cook, some reality that the mainstream media either ignore or about which they tell lies. It is impossible to imagine that they simply don’t know the truth. Possibly they are slowly seeing the error of their … Continue reading

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Congressman: Time for special prosecutors

This ‘FourWinds’ article is significant. Regarding the US scene. There is no doubt a need for some positive action in opposing the abuses by the White house, unfortunately so far supported by Congress. Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, actions, as reported … Continue reading

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Serious World Issues – Factual Information from NSNBC

I believe that the world’s people are not receiving the truth via the mass media outlets. I also believe that most people are so engrossed with their own lives that they cocoon themselves and prefer to not be burdened with … Continue reading

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Austerity USA Begins March 1st; The Bipartisan Poverty Program

The start of the “endgame”.  Now will citizens wake up?  Will it be too late anyway?  How come there is money for warmongering?  You voted him in! How could you be so inept? Plenty of questions, few answers. At least … Continue reading

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Are Australians being whipped up to accept another war?

Nothing worse (man-made), could happen to the world than a first strike attack on Iran, regardless of which country actually fires the first missile. Israel wants it to happen, the US are obviously geared up for this eventuality, the Western … Continue reading

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Obama Adopts UN Codex Alimentarius to Collaborate With Drug Corporations

Source: Blacklisted News   (H/T TIP)   By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism The US government will assist the pharmaceutical corporations in finding prescription drugs to treat new diseases. The focus of this collaboration will identify new uses for drugs that have already … Continue reading

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U.S. military comes out against WWIII

Media Release from CEC Australia. (Citizens Electoral Council of Australia). 6th of March 2012 U.S. military comes out against WWIII In a stunning, full-page ad in the 5th March Washington Post, senior figures of the U.S. military have intervened against … Continue reading

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