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Obama Adopts UN Codex Alimentarius to Collaborate With Drug Corporations

Source: Blacklisted News   (H/T TIP)   By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism The US government will assist the pharmaceutical corporations in finding prescription drugs to treat new diseases. The focus of this collaboration will identify new uses for drugs that have already … Continue reading

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Protect your heart with Turmeric

From ‘Natural News’, by PF Louis. (NaturalNews) Turmeric and its major active ingredient curcumin are among the top most clinically studied spices and herbs today. The National Institutes of Health(NIH) lists 24 studies.Western science is investigating via double blind placebo … Continue reading

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Antibiotic widely prescribed for decades has dangerous side effects which can kill

Some more interesting health information from ‘Natural News ‘. This article by S. L. Baker reveals more than the medical profession are openly offering. (NaturalNews) You often hear that older prescription drugs are pretty safe. After all, if countless people have … Continue reading

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Vaccinations – Perhaps increasing chances of ill-health.

This Natural News post ‘Study: Unvaccinated children far less prone to allergies and disease than vaccinated children’, by Ethan A. Huff, makes some interesting claims. (Possible signs of censorship in the Zemanta program) (NaturalNews) It is commonly assumed that vaccinations … Continue reading

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Really Scary Vaccination information!

Two new posts from COTO. These actions by authorities and pharma companies are really beyond logical comprehension. Yet one has happened and the second is being thrust into the system unless the Californian public can pressure their politicians into having … Continue reading

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