Really Scary Vaccination information!

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Two new posts from COTO. These actions by authorities and pharma companies are really beyond logical comprehension. Yet one has happened and the second is being thrust into the system unless the Californian public can pressure their politicians into having commonsense.

In 6 countries, Merck’s Gardisil contaminated with genetically engineered viral HPV.

* Gardasil victim found to have HPV DNA in her blood 2 Years Post-Vaccination

* 13 different vaccine vials – 13 different lots of Gardasil from around the world tested

* Results – 100% contamination with HPV Recombinant DNA.

By Canary Party

SANE Vax tested 13 vials of the Gardasil vaccine, from six different countries, and found that all were contaminated with genetically modified HPV DNA. The vaccine maker Merck, has claimed for the last five years on the package insert that the vaccine contains NO viral DNA. That claim quietly disappeared from the insert this past April, without any explanation, warning or notice being offered to the pubic.

Keep in mind that the National Institutes of Health holds a patent on the technology that makes the HPV vaccine possible, profiting off of every HPV vaccine sold, and what that might mean with respect to the Department of Health and Human Services taking appropriate action on all the emerging and glaring problems with these vaccines.

This is especially important information to get into the public view, as California has just passed a law mandating children as young as 12 to be given the vaccine without parental consent being required.

Read the article here.

California to vaccinate kids without parental consent: Tell Gov. Brown to VETO.    Alert via Canary Party.

Vaccinating children at school, out of the sight of parents, who will never know it even happened?  It is a vaccine maker’s dream!  No pesky questions to answer, no parents armed with research on efficacy and adverse reactions, just a kid you can scare by telling them if they don’t get the shot, they are gonna get cancer.

It is about to become reality in California.  The bill has passed allowing 12 year olds and up to be vaccinated with Hepatitis B and Gardasil with out parental knowledge or consent, and is awaiting Governor Brown’s signature.

So your son comes home from school (yes Gardasil is approved for boys now and there are already three reported associated deaths in young men) and has a seizure.  If it is a vaccine injury, and you don’t know he has gotten a shot, how will he get proper care?  If there is permanent damage done, how will he ever file with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  See?  Vaccine maker’s dream.  Now they can even prevent the adverse reactions that they are ignoring, from ever being filed in the first place.

You have heard about the rash of Gardasil injuries, did you know that the VICP has ruled that the Hepatitis B vaccine can cause MS and Lupus?

Read the full article here.

How is it that the public can be treated with such disrespect?


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6 Responses to Really Scary Vaccination information!

  1. How is it that parents ignore warnings like this and bring their daughters in to be vaccinated?

    Also today: We publish the transcript of a secret interview featuring Dr. Maurice Hilleman, a top Merck vaccine scientist, who openly admits that vaccines contained leukemia, SV40 and cancer viruses that cause tumors. A shocking admission from the history of western medicine. Read the full transcript and listen to the interview yourself. You will be stunned:

    • Thanks Clare, Have added this link to ‘Related Articles’
      It deserves a post of its own.

    • Lance says:

      The reason they ignore warnings like this has to do with mental conditioning by the ‘system’, i.e., the establishment media, the schools, and various scientific and government agencies, and the mandates they create to force people’s compliance.

      • True Lance.
        It has probably been for ever, that expoitation of the “people” by the rich and powerful, or those striving to be rich and powerful, has been “normal”. Yet it seems that, in the last say 40 years, this unbalanced system has become really out of hand. We now see deliberate harm taking place on a large scale.
        Perhaps the apparent increase is partly because there is more awarenenss, through our internet public blogging network and access to the world news.
        Nevertheless, the scale of destruction should be of great concern.

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