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US Expansion of WAR Capability into AUSTRALIA

TIP post of interest to Australians: “US military to get ‘unfettered access’ to bases in Australia” 14 Sep 2011 Military ties between the US and Australia are set to take the biggest leap forward in 30 years, with defence and security … Continue reading

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A One World Government and Global Depopulation

The full title of Intel Hub’s post by Alexander Higgens, is : Big Oil’s Long Term Energy Plan? A One World Government and Global Depopulation For those looking for proof of the global elite pushing plans for global depopulation and a … Continue reading

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Vaccine Lobby Launches Gardasil Safety Hoax

Those readers still not sure about whether to trust ‘Big Pharma’ with their vaccines and their marketing, please read this. I will show only part of the ‘Intel Hub’ post but there is much to be learned from the article, … Continue reading

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