US Expansion of WAR Capability into AUSTRALIA

TIP post of interest to Australians:

“US military to get ‘unfettered access’ to bases in Australia”


Australian Coat of Arms (adopted 1912)

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14 Sep 2011 Military ties between the US and Australia are set to take the biggest leap forward in 30 years, with defence and security officials from the two countries meeting in San Francisco on Thursday to lay the groundwork for much closer co-operation. Washington and Canberra are set to finalise agreements that will give the US military unfettered access to bases in Australia, a big step forward that will provide the US with a foothold between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The countries are also discussing greater US access to Australian training and test ranges and pre-positioning of US equipment on Australian soil.

LINK: US military to get ‘unfettered access’ to bases in Australia

The BIG ISSUES here for me are that agreements are apparently being made outside of our so-called “democratic” government system, are of a potentially extremely serious nature and look like being made independently of the Australian people.

If such arrangements are put into place, I can only envisage disaster of one sort or another.  Serious damage to our excellent relationships with the Chinese government and its people, or worse, actually being directly involved in the American War Machine in its mission to control the Middle-East.

This is not something we should be doing – FULL STOP!

This is FULL ON SCARY stuff.  Julia, if you do this, you risk going down in Australian history as the most disastrous Australian PM. This possibility is already on the cards, but American forces and equipment in Australia? A trip to Hell for all of us!



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