Mobile Phones and WiFi are a “Serious Public Health Issue” – Canadian Parliamentary Report

“The microwave radiation from our little wireless devices is now (RECOGNIZED AS) a “serious public health issue””
Includes, or should do so, smart meters.

Stop Smart Meters Australia

OTTAWA, June 18, 2015 /CNW/ – Cancer, infertility, and learning disabilities might be caused by our cell phones and WiFi, according to a new Parliamentary report.

The microwave radiation from our little wireless devices is now a “serious public health issue” according to the report delivered Tuesday by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA).

The unanimous report recommends Canadian doctors be taught to recognize the symptoms associated with using common wireless devices.

It also recommends parents be taught the risks of wireless radiation to ensure their families are safe at home and at school.

The Committee heard from wireless industry representatives as well as international scientists working on the health fall-out from our increasingly wireless world.

The Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP agreed that Health Canada has left Canadians at risk by ignoring or dismissing the growing evidence that shows our favourite devices like tablets and smart phones…

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2 Responses to Mobile Phones and WiFi are a “Serious Public Health Issue” – Canadian Parliamentary Report

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Reports like this, do not seem to stop people from using the devices.

    I use a cellphone, exclusively. The cost of a landline is prohibitive. If I carry it? It lives in a pouch, or stays home on a shelf never in a pocket.. The phone aspect is on speakerphone, I seldom put it to the ear. Most of my calls are over Skype, or similar. My server is wifi. Cheers Jamie.

    • An interesting sort of dilemma.
      I too use a cell phone, generally on speaker mode. Carried in my side trouser pocket, one leg thickness away from the “high risk” area.
      More than likely (very scientific!), cell phone levels and duration become serious for addicted users.
      My WiFi modem is only a metre away from my body but I spend hours on the PC. So a risk I wouldn’t take if I was young.
      What I worry about most is the young. Starting at a very young age, holding the phone close to ear for hours a day, Also WiFi every where, especially in schools.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Best wishes Jamie, Ken.

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