Progress on the problems with Australia’s ACORN-SAT surface air temperature records

So many unanswered questions, yet people become dedicated followers of global warming alarmism and its political ramifications.

Watts Up With That?

acorn-sat overview

Dr David R.B. Stockwell writes, Progress on the surface temperature front as follows:

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment Bob Baldwin established a Technical Advisory Forum comprised of leading scientists and statisticians to review  and provide advice on Australia’s official temperature data set in January following recommendations by an independent peer review.

The Forum’s report has been published at

Here are the links to the press articles from the Australian included below

Questions remain on BoM records, The Australian, June 20, 2015
Graham Lloyd

The results of an independent ­review of the Bureau of Mete­or­ology’s national temperature records should “ring alarm bells” for those who had believed the bureau’s methods were transparent, says a key critic, Jennifer ­Marohasy.

Dr Marohasy said the review panel, which recommended that better statistical methods and data handling be adopted, justified many of the concerns raised.

However, the failure to ­address specific issues, such as the exaggerated warming…

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1 Response to Progress on the problems with Australia’s ACORN-SAT surface air temperature records

  1. Global cooling? Global warming?
    It’s got me bemused
    By their pseudo-science fiction
    I’m completely confused.
    But perhaps my confusion
    Was their intention,
    So that I would not question
    Each new climate invention.

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