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Ron Paul’s farewell message to America: Embrace liberty or face self-destruction

This ‘Natural News‘ post by Mike Adams tells of a seriously important view of America’s current predicament. He refers to it as the “single most important speech in American history.” I concur with its importance but it is probably true … Continue reading

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Middle East – Trying to Understand What’s Happening

Thanks to TIP for this source: ‘Veterans Today’ posts this ‘Breaking:  VT Intel Report’ “What We Can or Will Tell” By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Some extracts: “Veterans Today is the continual recipient of intelligence, much of which is quite unreportable. There … Continue reading

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Vaccine Lobby Launches Gardasil Safety Hoax

Those readers still not sure about whether to trust ‘Big Pharma’ with their vaccines and their marketing, please read this. I will show only part of the ‘Intel Hub’ post but there is much to be learned from the article, … Continue reading

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