Vaccine Lobby Launches Gardasil Safety Hoax

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Those readers still not sure about whether to trust ‘Big Pharma’ with their vaccines and their marketing, please read this. I will show only part of the ‘Intel Hub’ post but there is much to be learned from the article, by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones,

In the aftermath of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s comments about the Gardasil shot causing mental retardation, vaccine lobbyists and the pharmaceutical-friendly establishment media have launched a new hoax claiming the vaccine is completely safe, despite the CDC’s own figures confirming over 18,000 cases of adverse reactions.

ToiletThe HPV vaccine has become a presidential campaign talking point, after Ron Paul slammed rival Rick Perry when he pointed out that the Texas Governor’s former chief of staff was a lobbyist for Merck at the same time Perry mandated all girls in Texas receive the shot with an executive order.

However, the controversy only intensified when Rep. Michele Bachmann told the Today Show that a mother had approached her after last week’s Republican debate and told her that her daughter became mentally retarded after receiving the HPV vaccine.

This prompted vaccine advocates, several of whom have direct ties to Merck Pharmaceuticals to circulate the hoax, with the enthusiastic support of the corporate press, that the HPV shot is completely safe and has no side-effects whatsoever.


Schaffner’s level of comfort in asserting the vaccine is safe may derive from the fact that his National Foundation for Infectious Diseases has given awards to the inoculation-pushing Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as Paul A. Offit MD, a vehement vaccine promoter who holds a $1.5 million dollar research position at a Merck funded children’s hospital and owns several patents on vaccines.

However, the Center for Disease Control’s own figures clearly illustrate how the HPV shot is not “wonderfully safe” at all, as its Merck-linked proponents claim.

The CDC’s own figures show that there have been “18,727 reports of adverse events following Gardasil® vaccination,” including 68 deaths. The report also details the link between the vaccine and blood clots, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, as well as fainting, nausea, and fever.


The complete article is linked here.

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