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Syria Is Becoming Obama’s Iraq

From ‘nsnbc’, by Shamus Cook, some reality that the mainstream media either ignore or about which they tell lies. It is impossible to imagine that they simply don’t know the truth. Possibly they are slowly seeing the error of their … Continue reading

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Four Winds 10 posts this video which alerts American citizens to a possible catastrophic future outcome. Believe what you will, but many questions are raised which lead to this conclusion.   Regarding the 1st related article below – sure the … Continue reading

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What in the World’s Going On? 2013 March 28

So much of importance is happening so quickly. Why bother with it here? Nothing world-changing will result of course, but my views, or what I believe to be important to everyone, are aired. Someone, somewhere, may gain and understand something … Continue reading

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Unlawful taking of Cyprus bank deposits.

This unbelievable move on a country’s independence is clearly the thin, or not so thin, edge of the wedge, being driven by the globalist banking, world dominating movement. They must not be permitted to get away with this unlawful activity. … Continue reading

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DHS to buy 7000 full-auto assault rifles, calls them ‘personal defense weapons’

Figure out this US government action and tell me where there is any trace of sanity involved? Sanity in arming civil services with assault weapons  and enough ammunition to kill the whole American population 4 times over? Sanity in the … Continue reading

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The Vaccine Hoax is Over by Andrew Baker

This Food Freedom News post by coto2admin, is an eye-opening disclosure of the CDC methodology in aiding and abetting dangerous vaccine programs and cover-ups which reverberate globally. Public health is not only not a priority, it is under attack, according to … Continue reading

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AGW – The Mother of All Hoaxes

Why yet another AGW post here, will it have any impact? The answers are that this AGW issue is actually of immense importance to the well-being of the global population. Seriously, this is a fact. Not because global warming is … Continue reading

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Memory Failure at the Pentagon (War is Hell!)

Sott.net has this post by Nick Turse, TomDispatch.com, providing more information on the horrors of war, the lack of coverage by the media and the lack of recognition of reality at the Pentagon. Call it a mantra, a litany, or a to-don’t … Continue reading

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