Australia wants to improve its Military Contribution in Iraq

From ‘nsnbc‘, some opinions with which I agree.

The Australian government is completely out of touch with reality, well Tony Abbott is anyway. I am still trying to assess who is running our country – Tony, the government or the world dominators, via the US. I suppose it’s a combination of all three but I find it hard to see any clear and independent thinking from within our own country.

The thrust of the article is contained within this extract:

While Abbott claimed that one could not negotiate with entities such the Islamic State, he failed to mention that U.S. Senator John McCain has already negotiated with ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi, a.k.a. Caliph Ibrahim.

Moreover, an article published in nsnbc international, based on testimony and evidence provided by a person from within the inner circle around the former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri made it public that the final green light to invade Iraq with ISIS was given on the sidelines of the Atlantic Council’s Energy Summit in Turkey, in November 2013, and that the U.S. Embassy in Turkey under Ambassador Riccardione functions as hub for coordinating the insurgency as well as the fight against it as part of a policy aimed at “Balkanizing Iraq and Syria”.

Abbott also noted that Australian citizens’ involvement with ISIS as “modern-day treason” while he failed to mention that ISIS, fundamentally, is a creation of elements within NATO, Western, Israeli, Pakistani, and Saudi Arabian intelligence services.

The whole article is linked here, and commences with:

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott noted that his government would like to see what he described as Australia’s substantial military contribution in Iraq against the Islamic State a.k.a. ISIS / ISIL used more effectively. Abbott also flagged the deployment of additional Australian troops; a decision that concurs with the deployment of additional U.S. troops.

Well, his government is not one with which I am in step. Our involvement in the Middle East is totally unjustified and will go down as shameful, and a regrettable part of our Australian history. (Unless, of course, as often happens, history is later rewritten).

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