CARBON CONTROL – What is really going on?

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There are conflicting activities within Australia which need to be addressed if there is any sense to be made of the Government’s  Carbon Tax!

Julia Gillard, a leader only by making deals with the Greens, started out with a clear agenda of “there will be no Carbon Tax introduced by any government that I lead”, a statement we all thought was a promise, is now hell-bent on destroying our country’s economy and relative independence.

Obviously influenced/forced by Bob Brown and then further put under the thumb from the Royals when visiting the UK, Julia now sees a Carbon Tax as essential and a mandate!  [added 4/8: “With the revelation that Britain’s conservative Prime Minister David Cameron had written to Julia Gillard applauding her “bold step” of putting a price on carbon,…..”]

All this while the majority of our population are well aware that no pollution reduction will result and many are legitimately questioning the relativity of CO2 reductions and climate variations.

All this might make some sort of sense, at least to the warmist believers, if there was a consistent approach. Their argument is based on CO2-driven planetary warming, sea level rise, hotter atmosphere causing human grief, hotter oceans upsetting the ecology, possibility of positive feedback creating severe increased temperature. I believe all that is rubbish but they are entitled to their beliefs.

Therefore, their solution is to reduce fossil fuel burning and their current method is to tax ‘polluters’. Forgetting for the moment that China, for example, is alone producing copious quantities of CO2 and will continue to do so. So Australia’s carbon tax “solution” is demonstrably ineffective. 

The world agenda, based on the theory on which Julia et al are basing their actions, is to develop alternative, non-polluting power sources AND REDUCE the existing fossil fuel burning.  This, of course, is completely impractical unless we accept nuclear power generation as a satisfactory alternative, OR, as promoted by higher authorities, we drastically reduce the planet’s population. Neither of these are acceptable to me or many others, but that is not the issue I am discussing here.

Now, for the sake of argument, just let’s assume that we are ‘doing the right thing’, we are doing our bit by showing good faith and we are promoting the REDUCTION of fossil fuel burning.

How is it then, in any way, sensible or logical for:

1. Julia to say that it is a good thing that a mining industry is showing interest in further investing in the coal mining industry?

[“JULIA Gillard has seized on a $4.7 billion coal takeover bid as proof of the industry’s ongoing viability as it emerged Tony Abbottrepeatedly questioned the purchasing company’s prospects under a carbon tax.”, ref: Carbon Tax – Where is the logic?]

2. Julia to not govern future coal and gas production initiatives in Australia?

Queensland’s booming coal seam gas (CSG) industry is spreading into rural New South Wales and the alarm bells are ringing. One of the concerns is that science has not been able to keep pace with the rapid development of CSG, particularly its long-term environmental impacts. That’s about to change with the CSIRO collaborating in a new research program with industry.”

The campaign to defend the country’s richest farmland against mining is one of the hottest debates in Australian agri-politics and it’s already claiming some high-profile scalps. ”

These extracts [from the ABC’s ‘Landline’ program, ref: ‘Latest Program Transcripts’ 31/7/2011] prove that Australia is actively engaged in further development of fossil fuel production.

I found it very interesting that the CSIRO, an organization supporting Julia’s concept of “global warming” also assists in the coal industry. In other words, they follow the money and have no scientific ideals.

Also of concern is the unelected, independent-of-the-government, ‘Climate Change Authority’ who will have powers of the level of the RBA to influence our economy and much more.

If all the above are not sufficient to raise eyebrows there are the added factors of Australia paying mega-dollars overseas for no benefit, (and in fact represent loss of control), and that China are involved in the buying up of Australian agricultural land for mining purposes.

So, on the one hand, we are taxing polluters in order to reduce emissions and, on the other hand, encouraging increased production of CO2. This might make sense to a politician and maybe quite a few voters, but it is not likely to make sense to any clear-thinking person.

Unless, of course,  it’s all about money and control, and nothing to do with pollution and/global warming. This would mean the whole scenario is built up from lies and is a political scam. That would make sense to the perpetrators, but again, not to decent, clear-thinking people. 

I wonder how long it will be before the public realize that the “sky is not falling”, the “Emperor has no clothes” and that they are now workers in the new “Animal Farm”.

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31 Responses to CARBON CONTROL – What is really going on?

  1. so even if we can stop Julia and Bob from implementing this unreasonable and unnecessary taxation scheme, who is there OUT THERE who can lead this once great nation? Contenders should apply to the people of Australia

    • Funnily enough, I once thought Greg Combet showed promise, but he has joined the “contaminated'” group.
      If we had enough readers, we could start a suggested list 🙂

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    The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

  3. I see there’s been a helicopter crash which perhaps conveniently has killed the team of navy seals who allegedly killed Bin Laden. If I was a conspiracy theorist I’d be thinking, well, that’s the witnesses taken care of then. This is just too much coincidence for me.

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    It’s very disconcerting what’s happening with the London riots but the unappealing truth is we may look back on these days with some nostalgia as things get worse. Right now it seems to be just kids out there ‘protesting’ but as the political and police responses become increasingly hysterical and overbearing – special powers aren’t needed, just maintain the already existing laws – you’ll soon have Mr & Mrs Middle Class out there in the streets looting and burning. Who will the authorities have to blame? No-one but themselves.

    • It seems to me that something very serious is going on in the world at large. All the many countries experiencing rioting have important issues either with governments giving the public a raw deal, or the governments not toeing the line that suits the UN/US/Israel/UK.
      The former would apply to UK’s unrest. In the latter case, I believe that the UN et al stir up public rioting and the government is blamed for retaliating providing the excuse for outside intervention.
      Either way, justice and humanitarianism are seriously lacking.
      Either way, the future appears bleak.
      There are those who would associate both these scenarios with a basis for promoting ‘world government’.
      I hope that is not the situation.

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    • Hi Roseann, the quotes are referenced. The other general information has come from articles I have read and would be visible somewhere within the pages of my “anti-AGW” theme, “carbon attack”, accessed by clicking on the above ‘toolbar’. Regards, Ken.

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    • Quite weird. What with the current trend for the Law Enforcers in the US to arrest and harass citizens for practically no reason, eg., selling raw milk, drawing on school desks, possessing a toy that has gun, this does not auger well for the British public. The New World Order seems closer than ever. Orwell’s “Brave New World”??

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