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INJUSTICE from the “Justice System” – Food Industry

I refer to an American Federal Court Ruling where a consumer made claims against a food manufacturer because the food was contaminated with foreign matter. Reference ‘Food Freedom’ post by Jack Bouboushian Courthouse News Service Baby formula laced with beetles and … Continue reading

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Australia: Carbon Tax – Interested in a petition opposing it?

JustMeInT has a post explaining this petition at  MP launches carbon tax petition. A direct link  here: http://www.nationals.org.au.

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Climate Manipulation or Humanity Manipulation – Method in their Madness?

Jochen Prantl’s article in the ‘JakartaGlobe’ introduces yet a further depth of human folly, apparently sponsored or supported by the UK’s Royal Society. Geo-engineering, its called. His article is titled “Should We Engineer Earth’s Climate?” With the wide acceptance of … Continue reading

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