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AGW – Urban Heat Island Effect Significant in China

Besides the issues of how much global warming might be attributed to CO2 levels, there is the question of how accurately the average global temperature is measured and computed, and how meaningful it is. Portion of the near surface temperature … Continue reading

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AGW – CO2 relationships – Some New Thoughts.

  Anthony Watt’s site WUWT posts some new revealing claims regarding man-made CO2 effects on planetary temperature.   The following is an extract: PROFESSOR MURRY SALBY Chair of Climate, Macquarie University Atmospheric Science, Climate Change and Carbon – Some Facts … Continue reading

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The Journey From Conspiracy Theory to Conspiracy Fact

Thanks to ggita32 for this post on TIP.    Linked here. I agree that the awareness of conspiracy ‘facts’ is slowly filtering into the collective minds of the community.  As time goes on, more and more facts become visible in the mainstream media … Continue reading

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