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The Great Global Warming Swindle.

I am a believer – of what is presented in this video. I am a denier of the theory and practice related to man-made CO2 being related to catastrophic climate change.

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AGW – APS members unhappy with abuses of science.

A meaningful condemnation of the abuse of science in connection with “global warming”. Summed up effectively by this extracted final paragraph: “As I reflect on my experience, I cannot avoid the question of whether we have passed the point of … Continue reading

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2 C degrees up vs 1/2 C down (A Chiefio post)

This post adds a practical discussion on the general effects expected from actual global temperature variations. The first graph, below, is good for showing up the “serious current global warming’, the black plot, curve provided by w:Climatic Research Unit and the UK … Continue reading

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