AGW – APS members unhappy with abuses of science.

A meaningful condemnation of the abuse of science in connection with “global warming”. Summed up effectively by this extracted final paragraph:
As I reflect on my experience, I cannot avoid the question of whether we have passed the point of no return, whether the descent of once grand scientific societies into advocating bureaucracies and self-satisfied clubs lobbying for funds can be arrested, reversed, and integrity restored; or is what we have now a permanent feature of modern science – a postmodern distortion of the best values of the scientific tradition that has served humanity well for centuries. If it is permanent, the only alternative is the emergence of new alternative institutions that can recover what science once had. We shall see.”

Watts Up With That?

I was sent this today by Roger Cohen, a respected fellow of the APS. He writes:

Dear Anthony,

Since you have previously carried items relating to the American Physical Society, I thought you might be interested in the attached.  It concerns my experience with the Society over the past three years.   The “Recollection” document explains the context of the letter of resignation from the Executive Committee of the new APS climate activity, the “Topical Group on the Physics of Climate.”   The bottom line is that we cannot have science if only one view is heard.  That is authority, not science.

On Saturday I sent the attached to some 150 of our supporters.  Thus far more than two dozen have told me that they have resigned or will resign from the APS climate activity.  A few may resign from the APS though I have discouraged that.  
– Roger Cohen

The American…

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