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The New World Order Documentary

A 2 hour ‘Globalist Report’ video of essential information. Persevere until you have heard and seen enough to convince you that a ‘New World Order’ is a reality, that it bodes no good for mankind in general and that what … Continue reading

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AGW Motivation, Climate Change Agenda, New World Order, Agenda 21

This isn’t the first time I have admitted to laziness, so it won’t come as a surprise. If you are interested in some expert posting and follow-up commentary on the above subjects and their relationships, please follow the link below … Continue reading

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Flash-back: COMPASSION, Human Feelings, Responsibility. Emmanuel Kelly!

[Some-one viewed this today, I had almost forgotten it. Certainly remiss of me, so will bring it back to life for a few days. Perhaps it will create a lttle reality when we read about the current US/Israel excuses for … Continue reading

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