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AGW – Climategate II – Another voice supports the email evidence of IPCC agenda & pseudo-science

I refer to this post by ‘Chiefio’, “Foia – README selections”. Nothing new as such, but support nevertheless. Mike’s usually impressive insight and descriptive skills applied to this issue make this publicity worthwhile. (IMHO) It makes for easy reading and shows … Continue reading

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Middle East – Trying to Understand What’s Happening

Thanks to TIP for this source: ‘Veterans Today’ posts this ‘Breaking:  VT Intel Report’ “What We Can or Will Tell” By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Some extracts: “Veterans Today is the continual recipient of intelligence, much of which is quite unreportable. There … Continue reading

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Microwave Ovens – Are They Safe?

By David Noble, Contributing writer for End the  Lie The convenience of using a microwave instead of a  conventional oven is easy to see. Being able to cook a meal in a matter of  minute’s means less hassle and work … Continue reading

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