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AGW – A Curiousity In Australia

  Many blogs are covering AGW anomalies. I don’t mean global temperature anomalies, I refer to anomolies between facts and the IPCC/AGW industry data, and /or claims. This ‘Chiefio’ post caught my attention because it referred to Australia, maybe it warrants … Continue reading

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Baby-Mother Bonds Affect Future Adult Relationships

Some sort of synergy or synchronicity. I guess. What with my youngest daughter currently rearing a 3 month old baby and also current marital relationship issues (not hers), this post title caught my eye. Sott.net have posted this article in … Continue reading

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Christmas is the time for PEACE and GOODWILL for ALL Mankind

Well, so it is written. This is a just a short message to the readers, especially those that have signed for email notification of new posts. Also, to those who have ticked the ‘like’ button. Thank you sincerely for your … Continue reading

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