Christmas is the time for PEACE and GOODWILL for ALL Mankind

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Well, so it is written.

This is a just a short message to the readers, especially those that have signed for email notification of new posts. Also, to those who have ticked the ‘like’ button. Thank you sincerely for your support and encouragement!

The Peace and Goodwill message may have originated in the Christian religious realm but to me, it is UNIVERSAL. So also is my website theme depicted by its title – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, the Golden Rule.

I seem to have overlooked another fundamental right – freedom!  Freedom to live our lives in Peace, but not freedom to do evil!

We are unfortunately so far from achieving such goals, that it feels futile in publishing these messages with any expectation of influencing anybody. Especially those in the world that are actively doing the opposite, destroying any chance of peace and sometimes pretending goodwill but acting to the contrary. Often calling themselves “Christians” but disregarding any semblance of adherence to the simplest Christian doctrine (the ‘Golden Rule’).

Basically preaching (hopefully not quite that) to the converted. Yet there are those who believe that energy from our good thoughts does transfer into the environment and perhaps also into cyberspace.

To all accounts we are heading for a rough 2012 as far as our civilization is concerned. So far along the path to annihilation of much that is good with so much evil intent. By the time sufficient awareness becomes widespread, the situation will likely be so bad that the difficulty of reversing, or even reducing the damage, will be immense.

It is certainly not sufficient that there are many of us following and promoting a ‘righteous’ path  but we can be proud of the principles we uphold. We are on the side of ‘good’ and truth and doing the best we can, I hope.

For the forthcoming  New Year(s), I wish all peace-loving people, of whatever race, religion or country, much luck and strong energies towards a better world for all.  Strengths to withstand the onslaught of the ‘ungodly’ and stamina to survive with pride and dignity.

In simple terms, Merry Christmas, Safe Travelling and a Happy New Year.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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3 Responses to Christmas is the time for PEACE and GOODWILL for ALL Mankind

  1. Besides the need to add ‘freedom’ as a fundamental right, it is really important that the values of ‘peace’ and ‘goodwill’ be seen also as fundamental, universal and always as serious aims in life at any or all times. The significance of Christmas in this context is that it is traditionally a time where these values are drawn to our attention, and highlighted.
    Very obviously, that attention is certainly needed now!

  2. ggita32 says:

    Great post along with a great blog Ken, we need to continue our collaboration to bring truth and justice into 2012. Thanks for your contributions at TIP. They are always needed and welcome.

    Peace and love to you and your family, from the crew at The Internet Post


    • Thank you Thomas, sincerely!
      My very best wishes to all at TIP.
      2012 may be a grim year in several ways. Let us wish for a vast improvement in the state of the world.
      So many people deserve better lives and environments, so little is being done to improve them.
      So much is being done to worsen or destroy them.
      So many people are unaware of the reality of the worsening and destruction.

      I am proud to be working with your blog to try to improve these wrongs and these misconceptions.
      I think you know that I would welcome any re-posting of my posts, or direct post from their sources (as I sometimes do with yours). I will try to keep up my contributions to your site.

      Peace and love, also to you guys and co-authors. Ken.

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