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Many blogs are covering AGW anomalies. I don’t mean global temperature anomalies, I refer to anomolies between facts and the IPCC/AGW industry data, and /or claims.

This ‘Chiefio’ post caught my attention because it referred to Australia, maybe it warrants further exposure.

So there was / is a cold summer in Australia (especially up around Brisbane).

When you look at a map of Australia, Brisbane is just about in the middle of the country on the coast on the right (east) side.

What’s a bit curious, is that while the locals are saying it is Way Cold, GIStemp is just not seeing it. In fact, even looking back into the PAST cold, it isn’t there. It is as though the extremes are simply erased. (I’ve suspected this from what we’ve seen in the “QA Process” where stations must be ‘close enough’ to nearby airports or their data are rejected).

What brought this on? Bikinis.

No, honest! With a h/t to George on the Open Talk page where he noted:

Coldest summer in Australia in 50 years.

Well, I thought, how can I not follow up on a Bikini story… if retail sales are falling in swimwear, there are ways to make money off of shorting specialty retailers of swimwear and going long things like Burlington Coat Factory. Yes, short bikinis, long coats…

Perhaps even “short shorts” and “long long johns”…

So a bit of searching turned up this page claiming that Brisbane had a cold winter too:

Today in Brisbane temperatures have barely got above 12° C. The highest temperature I’ve seen on my outdoor thermometer is
12.4° C.

It’s the coldest daytime maximum temperature I’ve ever known here and I remember reading that the previous lowest maximum daytime temperature in recent years was around 15° C.

So I decided to check the records.

The previous and all time recorded lowest daytime temperature in Brisbane was 11.7°C in 1916. So today is the coldest day for 95 years!

They quote another article and link to it:

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Chris Joseph said the record low daytime temperature for Brisbane was 11.7 degrees, set in 1916.”

The gloves are on, as cold snap continues
09 Jun, 2011 11:51 AM

Queensland’s cold snap has continued, with Brisbane recording its coolest overnight temperature of the year while the mercury plummeted below zero further west.

The mercury dropped to 6.9 degrees at 6am in the capital, five below average and the coldest it has been since August 14 last year, when the temperature fell to 6 degrees.

Amberley was near-freezing at 1.8 degrees at 6am, while the temperature at Brisbane Airport fell to 5.7 degrees.

Charleville and Roma shared the title of being the state’s coldest, with the mercury falling to minus 3 degrees, while Dalby reached minus 2.1, Oakey minus 1, Toowoomba zero degrees and Kingaroy 0.6 degrees.

The cold front moving across southeast Queensland from the Victorian snow fields will make for more frosty conditions today with a maximum temperature of 16 degrees, 6 degrees below average.

But that is still almost four degrees above yesterday’s maximum temperature of 12.6 degrees.

So, I’m thinking, if we’ve had Way Cold in mid winter, and the summer is so cold folks are avoiding the beach and not buying a lot of swimwear, that ought to show up in the temperature charts, right?

We’re Off To See the Wizzard,…

So what does that man behind the curtain say when we ask GIStemp for a map of Australia with temperatures? Well, strange things happen.

Toward the end of looking at things, I decided to just home in on June 1916 relative to the hot period of 1980 to 2010. That was, per the Warmistas, the Hottest Ever and represents most of the ‘ramp up’. So if 1916 was a record cold, how does it stack up against the warmest? I expected to see a very cold Brisbane area. I set the ‘smearing’ to “only” 250 km so we could see where stations were recording just a bit better.

GISStemp for June 1916 compared to 1980-2010 baseline GISStemp for June 1916 compared to 1980-2010 baseline

So look at Australia. A “hot pixel” in the dead center and then generally warm all over. Brisbane at the coast, roughly ‘normal’. For a coldest ever? What? Something is just very wrong… And it is not just the complete lack of temperatures at either pole or in the interior of Africa, South America, and large swaths of China and Russia. There are “hot pixels” in Japan, Greenland, Kashmir, and a warm Texas too (among others). There are also ‘way cold’ areas in odd places too. A bit of history check says 1916-17 was significantly cold in parts of Europe (some folks speculate W.W.I caused it). But what’s the deal with Australia?

Looking at June 2011 vs the same recent hot baseline (so it ought to be ‘way cold’ if it’s a ‘coldest in 50 years’ or more) we get:

GIStemp June 2011 vs 1980-2010 GIStemp June 2011 vs 1980-2010

Brisbane is marked as a ‘neutral’ white to light green. Nothing significantly different from that hot period. Nope, no cold there…

How odd..

I do note a lot of bright red in areas that are lacking many people and data points… Cutting it back to a 250 km ‘smear’ we see that a limited number of ‘hot pixels’ are getting smeared way too far and much of the map shows cold pixels.

GIStemp 250 km June 2011 vs 1980-2011 GIStemp 250 km June 2011 vs 1980-2011

At last we can see a bit of cool showing up in Brisbane…

So if we look at the maps with the default settings, what do we see?

GIStemp defaults June 2011  GIStemp defaults June 2011

Did Brisbane really have a normal winter? Or was it exceptionally cold? Was Europe really a couple of degrees warm this summer? Did England have a nice slightly warm summer? Plenty of tomatoes, eggplant, and Green beans from the garden?

The November cold summer down under? Winter up north?

GIStemp defaults Novenber 2011 GIStemp defaults Novenber 2011

Is Brisbane REALLY way above normal this summer, selling swimsuits like crazy to the vacationers trying to get a spot on the beach?

Is the UK and Scandinavia REALLY having a sweltering winter?

Last I looked, the Arctic was making basically normal sea ice in rather colder than usual temperatures. It is REALLY +5 C to +6 C HOT HOT HOT!!!

I know, we’ve seen this game many times before, but doesn’t there come a time when someone just stands up and says this is too embarrassing to NASA and they need to toss the crap out?

Look at the north pole! Darned near blood red on fire. Yet we’re having massive polar cold causing blizzards and early snows. This is just broken.

I know, I ought to go into the code and figure out where. I’ve ‘been there’ and don’t look forward to going back. IMHO it is the result of a very distributed approach. EVERYTHING is ‘snugged up’ just a little, resulting in a very large bias. (I think the graphing parts even add their bit. As we saw before they blocked it (but didn’t FIX it) zero values are mapped to blood red. I suspect that the sporadic null station adds an excess cold value, giving excess cold on missing data items, but that code was not in the last download I did – and I don’t know if is even provided now.)

So here we are, with reality telling us that all over the world we are having cold anomaly events. With rising heating bills and blizzard warnings. With swimwear sales off (and I expect coat sales up, along with road salt…) What does GIStemp say? Oh Hot Hot HOT!!!

How long can such {pick one: stupidity, fraud, buggy code, idiocy, embarrassment} continue with no Adult Supervision?

With apologies for copying the whole post, thanks Chiefio, for some excellent assessment.

With the usual proviso that picking certain aspects as ‘proofs’ is not scientific, there are enough discrepancies in the AGW claims to make a very good case of scientific fraud, certainly enough for me to be convinced that the AGW science is being over-ridden by agenda.

Read Chiefio’s post and other interesting stuff here.

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