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Health and Medical Processes – The relationship is sometimes blurry.

Having just battled with my conscience and principles on another post related to a medical issue, the temptation to favour information, what I believe to be truth, and the public deserving all available advice as being more important, leads also … Continue reading

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Stop Parliament from secretly legislating to steal deposits; demand Glass-Steagall law instead

This CEC Media Release provides an understanding of a serious attempt to remove existing protections of citizens bank deposits in Australia. It is reproduced here  in order to increase its exposure to the public. I do not specifically lobby for … Continue reading

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Diet and Fat: The Biggest Health Blunder in History!

This health advice promotion by Christine Cronau is posted here with some reservation due to my general policy of not promoting commercial ventures. Also because information is often influenced by the agenda of a vested interest situation. However, I have … Continue reading

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What are CitiPower, Powercor, Jemena and United Energy hiding?

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
The location of telecommunication towers in Australia is freely available.  Why aren’t collectors in the meshed smart meter networks also within the public domain?  Areas close to collectors may have higher levels of…

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Massive section of ocean floor off the coast of Portugal beginning to fracture

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol:
Major geological shift for planet: NOAA/NGDC image of the Atlantic crustal age of the ocean floor. Geologists have detected the first evidence that a passive margin in the Atlantic ocean is becoming active. The…

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Climate Commission’s latest report slammed as ‘environmental activism’

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
The Climate Commissioners on their days off… Tell us something we don’t already know. The Climate Commission has got nothing whatsoever to do with impartial, free-thinking scientific enquiry. It’s sole purpose is to regurgitate…

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