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The IPCC: Looking 95% Foolish

From ‘No Frakking Consensus’, something worth reading, and believing! Unlike the unscientific garbage being promulgated on the mainstream media by paid and partial, agenda-driven spokespersons. As the gap between its models and reality has grown, the IPCC has become more … Continue reading

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Climate modeling EPIC FAIL – Spencer: ‘the day of reckoning has arrived’

One does not need to be a scientist to understand the significance of these graphs. Whether you choose the linear trends or the 5 year averages, it is clear that the models FAIL. What seems to be hard for the … Continue reading

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AGW – The Skeptic’s Case

Reference JoNova’s post “The Skeptic’s Case”, a paper by Dr David Evans: IMHO, a very well constructed article covering the essential science in a easily understandable format and explaining the failures of the AGW ‘warmists’ to correctly assess the actual … Continue reading

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Carbon Tax – “Sorry Julia, Bob and Greg, you are wrong”

This ‘Financial Post‘ article was published, April 7th, it didn’t seem to spread much. I had picked up a bit of it and published “Former “alarmist” scientist says Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) based in false science“.  Chiefio (http://chiefio.wordpress.com/), found it meaningful … Continue reading

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