New Zealand – Bitterly-cold winds, freezing temps and up to 1 metre of snow

This is a good counter to the warmist rave about all the “record” high temperatures.

As a single event it scientifically carries little weight, but warmists need to be reminded that such events are just as meaningful, or not, as record high temperatures, which they love to love.

Scientifically, cold events balance hot events to moderate the computed “global average”. Given the amount of fudging that goes on with records, that might be more academic than real.

BTW, in checking the potential ‘related articles’ offered by ‘wordpress’, a particular one discusses the use of the term “warmist”. That author’s conclusion is to accept that it is accurate on the basis that it is true if applied to a person believing the planet is warming, and that it is not necessarily an offensive term. This is encouraging to me as I see no offense intended in using the word to define a supporter of the AGW theories and I mean no offense when I use it in that context. On our side of the “climate change fence” so to speak, ‘skeptic’ is not offensive if it defines one who has, or sees, reason to doubt the science or agenda of the “warmists”. ‘Denialist’,  on the other hand, can be offensive because, although it is true that I, for example, deny the “truth” that is accepted by “warmists”, I am not denying much of what I would be being blamed for.

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2 Responses to New Zealand – Bitterly-cold winds, freezing temps and up to 1 metre of snow

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Meanwhile in Western U.S. and Canada, the upcoming week, is supposed to be record-breaking hot weather. After floods and torrential rains ….

  2. Thanks, Crystal and hirindine.
    Point is, extremes of weather events cannot logically be used as evidence of “global warming/climate change” but they are, by the warmists. Evidence of cold extremes either proves that, or provides a balance suggesting the two cancel out. Either way, there is no evidence of meaningful average global temperature.
    And certainly no evidence of CO2 being a ‘villain’.

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