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Is Clear-Thinking being Lost in the current Evolution of Civilization?

OR,  IS “COMMONSENSE”  no longer COMMON? Observations and opinions: So much of the world’s current behaviour clearly exhibits various degrees of insanity. Insanity discernible as irrationality, often demonstrably psychopathic. A certain amount of  irrational human behaviour is traditional in our … Continue reading

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BFP EyeOpener Report-The Psychology of Cognitive Dissonance

From ‘BFP’ (Boiling Frogs Post), by Sibel Edmonds, this article on a topic of much interest to me. Particularly in the instance of discussions, via internet comments, with persons on the “warmist” side of the ‘global warming’ debate. Neither side … Continue reading

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Buddha quotes

These two quotes are selected from a post of 8,  By Casie Terry Guest writer for Wake Up World “The Buddha’s teachings just might be the gold standard in living in the now.” Linked here ,  Obviously, I like them!

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New York Times Warning: Trust Authorities on Boston Bombing, or You’re Nuts

Given that I am one who believes in some rather obvious conspiracies, I cannot overlook this post. An extract: “Science Orders You: Stop Thinking Rationally. The author goes on to say that “recent scientific research” tells us that people who … Continue reading

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Getting through the hard days

Originally posted on Rehabilitate Your Heart:
What do you do when you are having a hard day? Do you find yourself more emotional, snapping at everyone, crying frequently, using more tobacco or alcohol, eating more comfort foods? The ups and…

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Shocking research suggests that chronic stress increases your chance of death five-fold

Originally posted on Family Survival Protocol – Microcosm News:
Health And Wellness Report     Holistic Health  :   Health –     Five mental habits that steal years from your life   by: Mike Bundrant (NaturalNews) Shocking research published in…

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Battling the Self

This ‘Care2’ post reveals some important information from which a lot of us might benefit. I know people who have this issue to some degree or other, I cannot exclude myself. Reading this may not provide a revelation, but it … Continue reading

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