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Rapid increase in ocean heat…?

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
Ocean heat? What does this graph show? A catastrophically rapid increase in ocean heat content? When global surface temperatures started levelling off, and then continued to plateau, it was a real blow to the…

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New York Times Warning: Trust Authorities on Boston Bombing, or You’re Nuts

Given that I am one who believes in some rather obvious conspiracies, I cannot overlook this post. An extract: “Science Orders You: Stop Thinking Rationally. The author goes on to say that “recent scientific research” tells us that people who … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup – The Right Climate Stuff

Why I am confident in arguing that the AGW science is not settled etc., – is plainly exhibited in this posting of many articles which are scientifically valid. Even where they might be questioned by the ‘warmists’, they run rings … Continue reading

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