Is Clear-Thinking being Lost in the current Evolution of Civilization?


Observations and opinions:

So much of the world’s current behaviour clearly exhibits various degrees of insanity.

Insanity discernible as irrationality, often demonstrably psychopathic.

A certain amount of  irrational human behaviour is traditional in our remarkable evolution but it has now become more noticeable and more extensive globally.

Our obtaining possession of, and our ability to use our human intelligence, has been developing steadily but has not followed an intelligent progression towards creating a rational civilization.  More likely a regression, one that is following a self-destructive pattern.

{Not referring specifically to the claimed “climate change” threat to civilization in it’s recognized format. Except that the existence of a threat not supported by a logical basis is one good example of an observed failing in our collective intelligence}.

How does one define rational? Something that makes sense to a rational person? Although true, that is a circular argument without a meaningful answer.

‘Once upon a time’, the ‘survival of the fittest’ was largely a physical process of personally maintaining food/water, shelter and the associated environment, with the result that humans had a degree of justification of killing each other. In the extreme, even cannibalism could be “justified”.

With the evolution of what we call civilization, we have achieved, in general, a much more humane and intelligent way of survival. And yet, the killing goes on. Why?

And the starvation goes on, why?

Taking that the general population’s preference is for peaceful resolutions rather than conflicting situations, yet it does not exist as a force in societies. It does not have the strength nor the means to prevent armies being formed, terrorist groups created and funded, and vast amounts of money diverted from civilized purposes in order to cause enormous destruction of lives and property.

This inhumane, destructive behaviour exists because, in the main, ‘future survival’ does entail ownership, or access to, or control of, essential resources such as energy and water. That this contrasts with humanitarian outcomes is the illogical outcome.

The question is, why is it that the evolution of the most intelligent, universally capable species on our planet has not developed without resorting to selfish, animalistic, unintelligent behaviour?

Why does this basic animal instinct still over-ride our acquired ability to think clearly and act humanely?  Not only has the basic warring instinct not effectively been controlled or weakened, there is no evidence of that ever occurring. Worse still, it seems, it is increasing!

Some thought needs to be given to the demographics(?).  There exists two types of human consciousnesses. One having overpowering desire to achieve end results without concern for other humans, a psychopathic state of mind. The other, a pacifist state of mind where human life and well-being is strongly respected.

Understandably, there are people who range between these two extremes. Most parents, at least mothers, would do all they can to prevent or discourage their sons, and these days, daughters, from going off to war.  Yet, the general public see war as somehow justified and unavoidable, even an acceptable part of civilization.

The current status is basically, never-ending wars.

Is it something to do with our detectable and measurable personal intelligence levels?  Average IQ levels of 100 result from a range roughly from 70 to 140. Is there a correlation of IQ and willingness to go to war? Or even acceptance of war as normal? It would seem likely that such a correlation does exist in people regarding criminal behaviour, at least at the physical level.  In the case of internet, white collar and fraud type crimes, the relationship is possibly inverse.

Is it something to do with male /female characteristics? Female characteristics are predominately pacifist, and exist to various degrees in males. Male characteristics are predominately physical strengths and forcefulness but can be exhibited by some women. In current times there is a great deal of confusion evident in the progress of feminism, whereby there seems to be a desire for women to ‘compete’ for an equality which is counter to their femininity.

Commonsense?  An unmistakable absence of commonsense is ironically becoming common, if that makes sense. This is not gender oriented, but universal. Decision making by governments, authorities and individuals is increasingly devoid of best choices for best future outcomes for societies. Too often decisions are based on biassed assumptions and selfish agendas. On short term goals rather than long term! In the extreme, but nevertheless occurring generally, our ‘civilization’ is proceeding on a self-destructive path. This is across the whole range of individuals through to governments and includes, if not dominated by, non-government powers.

This excercise in ‘Thoughts’ is simply a matter of putting thoughts in writing. It is offered published for possible reactions. No gain for anyone is envisaged.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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6 Responses to Is Clear-Thinking being Lost in the current Evolution of Civilization?

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Suppose we are in trouble when we get to thinking, I’m not crazy, everyone else is..? When we were younger, it was just that we were younger, maybe? I still find the one thing that comforts. Is the notion; if you want to change the world? Change yourself. Still working on that and I am happy with my progress. Breath in, breath out … Cheers Jamie

    • Thanks Jamie!
      When I was young, so many years ago, I remember a saying of my father, not applied to me, but a truism?
      “everyone in the world is mad, except you and me – sometimes I wonder about you”!
      Maybe you are right, although I believe in my comprehension.
      To change the world, however, is not a possibility. Even if the majority of the public, even the journalists and politicians were to become aware, the “dark state”, by whatever name, is well and truly established.
      In the past are the the guillotine days!

  2. Thomas says:

    Perfect timing my friend. Clear thinking is out the door in this world. What we are now seeing with the locking down of country after country today is part of what the you and I at The Internet Post and The Golden Rule was warning our readers. Muchof our liberties here in this country is fading over “the virus”. The truth about “the virus” is now so poorly lit that there is no telling what is happening.

    • All too true Thomas.
      Big Brother is surely involved in the production and distribution of the virus.
      The masses cannot think past I pad etc and Goggle Box etc. So they play into the NWO hands.
      Thanks for the msg and your contact.
      How do I get to access to TIP these days?
      (My learning ground).
      Best regards!
      The ‘old’ team still well and active?

      • ggita32 says:

        TIP got shut down by WordPress, no explanation from them as to why, only that we violated there terms of service….
        All of us are ok but have not open any other blog format to replace the TIP to this day. Not sure if we will but possibly. It was a huge disappointment for us because we lost all of the content and links associated with the blog. WordPress provided a blank content retrival link. I guess we pissed someone off but to why they wouldn’t say specifically the reasons we were shut down is a mystery. Other contacts I have said we were focusing to much on anti vaccine posts and other health related issues. We are visiting your site regularly and enjoy it. Glad to see your hanging in there

  3. RISE says:

    You have some good questions, and make some great points here Ken. I wonder if it has less to do with common sense and more to do with indifference and the willful disregard of others by some people. We see that in leadership decisions today as we face an enormous global crisis. There is a whole spectrum of mindsets in the world. It seems the most powerful are the ones who lean more toward psychopathy, and because they are the ones guiding the decisions, things are falling apart.

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