It’s About Energy

The very term “its about energy” is the “all” about us and the world/universe we inhabit.

I am drawn to this concept and its reality and I acknowledge your following my blog with this comment and by reblogging this particular concept.
The concept of ‘we’ are the change is profound and makes sense. The problem is establishing who “we” are. As individuals we have the means to control our own lives and possibly influence others, (for better or worse), to search inwardly and outwardly for energy, knowledge and guidance. The degree to which we find, recognize and process these parameters is maybe up to us or perhaps ‘in the lap of the Gods’.

What if the ‘we’ are actually of members of, what I refer to as the ‘ungodly’, who are the instruments of the devastation of humanity and civilization?  The same theory applies in as much as ‘they’ have the same potential relationship with the energy and its reality, BUT, they choose to  ignore the good implementation of this potential for their own selfish ends.

The power of our own connection with, and use of, energy for good, selfless living is absolutely positive, yet the gap between the two extremes is large and virtually disconnected.

Nevertheless, the power of good is inherently potent and using whatever energy we have, or have access to, for good is undoubtedly worthy and worthwhile.


Everywhere that we are looking for the “answers”.  Everywhere that we are looking for a “change in our environment”.  Everywhere that we are looking for someone to “fix” us.

What if we are the answer?  What if we are the change? What if we don’t really need fixing?

Considerations.  Questions.  Ponderings (is that a word????)

I have been playing with the questions.  The more I ask, the more opens.  The more that opens, the more I ask.  It’s been fantastic!

And, the questions have led to me really looking at myself.  Looking at what I created in this lifetime.  Looking at the choices that I made to get myself here.  And, realizing that it was me that got me here… not anyone else.  There is no one to “blame” or to give credit for where I am right now this second, except me.  It truly is all about me.

Have you…

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About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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