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Russian Flotilla Visits Syria

Very interesting! I hope this will contribute to some sane thinking response from the US. Unless they are too far gone in their mad pursuit for Syria. A major problem will be if the US and its string pullers are … Continue reading

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Australian Carbon Tax – A crime against the people

The Carbon Tax is surely a clearly definable crime against the Australian people, introduced without public support, without scientific validity, without any meaningful reduction of global pollution and in blatant contradiction of a published verbal promise by the now-Australian PM. … Continue reading

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Spam Comments

Every day I receive many spam comments. Occasionally one might be genuine and it can be approved. Today, I have received many, all related to the same facebook address, and many are actually relevant to posts on this blog. However, … Continue reading

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‘Internet doomsday’ a ticking time bomb – ACMA

Does anyone else suspect this is a scam? If the FBI are involved and are able to “temporarily” prevent a problem, why does the protection suddenly need to cease? If it is a virus and the effects of it are … Continue reading

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