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Australia – Big Brother looms nearer.

Something very worrying about this. We, Australia has no need to be concerned about terrorism except that self-generated by driving the public to extremes by removing freedoms. The motivation for extreme surveillance can only be associated with intentions to restrict … Continue reading

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AGW – WUWT – A Monckton reply to Eos censorship.

WUWT is the ‘guru’ blog representing the Global Warming skeptic consensus, so to speak. As they display, “the world’s most viewed climate website”, 120 million site views, 12 thousand followers, a site to be respected, I suggest. The important thing … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton, Queen of Hearts, “Off with their Heads”

This ‘War is a Crime’ post is very much needed to keep pummeling the public about the truth of the US’ and associated organization’s war and control agendas. It must be obvious from my postings on these topics that these … Continue reading

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Red Meat Can be Part of a Healthful Diet

Thank you Sott.net, for this Dr Mercola post. Dr. Mercola,  Mercola.com © iStockphoto / Thinkstock At some point, “red meat” became taboo in the nutritional world. If you put good old-fashioned grass-fed, organically-raised meat in a nutrition analyzer, you’d find … Continue reading

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