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Global Warming – Sustainability – Corn and Control – NWO

A weird title, disjointed and unclear. But so is the real world situation of government and NGO behaviour regarding energy utilization and planning, fossil fuel dependence and exploitation, CO2 and carbon controls and trading, globalization and world domination agendas and … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of Muslim Rage?

A US magazine cover (below) screams out the general media slant of the last two weeks: the Muslim world is burning with anti-western anger over an Islamophobic film, with hordes of violent protesters on the streets threatening us all … … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton, Queen of Hearts, “Off with their Heads”

This ‘War is a Crime’ post is very much needed to keep pummeling the public about the truth of the US’ and associated organization’s war and control agendas. It must be obvious from my postings on these topics that these … Continue reading

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US Attempts to Mass-Murder Its Way to Victory in Syria.

This article by Tony Cartalucci , ‘Land destroyer’, adds more substance to this blog’s belief that the US is violating international laws and abusing the rights of the Syrian government to defend itself against an outside threat. The US and … Continue reading

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House Passes HR 4133 Binding the US to Israel and Their War Agenda

Susanne Posel, Activist Post, is the author of this article, posted on Sott.net. The US citizens are largely unaware that their country is basically controlled by Israel, as I understand it, by a group or movement termed Zionists. The latter … Continue reading

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Wake Up and Smell the Hypocrisy, Mrs Clinton

This Sott.net  post was published November 2011, yet accurately foreshadows today’s atrocities by the US and its UN string-pulling pretences of saving the world from itself. Its author is Richard Swander, Sott.net.  Hard hitting, but the truth which needs to … Continue reading

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Libya’s Big-Oil PM Rolls Over for Western Masters

Originally posted on Land Destroyer:
El-Keib obfuscates/defends Libyan support for terrorist militants in Syria. by Tony Cartalucci March 9, 2012 – Libya’s Prime Minister, and British Petroleum, Total, and Shell-funded Petroleum Institute chairman Abdurrahim el-Keib, flatly denied allegations by Russian…

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9/11 – Kevin Ryan: Demolition Access to the WTC Towers

Originally posted on COTO Report:
This four-part series was originally published on the web as separate essays on several sites beginning in July 2010 and ending in February 2011. It has been collected here in a pdf document for easy…

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