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Who’s afraid of Muslim Rage?

A US magazine cover (below) screams out the general media slant of the last two weeks: the Muslim world is burning with anti-western anger over an Islamophobic film, with hordes of violent protesters on the streets threatening us all … … Continue reading

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Assassination attempt, in Israel, of Hillary Clinton.

Two suggestions are made within the source story. One, that Hillary Clinton may have a working relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. This is quite possible, not just for the reasons submitted but because she/(the US), is working with the Arab … Continue reading

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Burning the Quran: A Paganist Rite !!

Originally posted on Sami, The Bedouin.:
A few days ago, I was in a local school. While I was talking to a teacher, a student (probably 14 years old) approached politely and asked: “Uncle, do you have a lighter?”, and…

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Terrorism – Blaming the Muslims – Media Misinformation

This is inspired by a COTOL post “Blaming the Muslims” By Robert C. Koehler. It specifically deals with the recent Norway incident involving Anders Behring Breivik but raises general issues regarding who actually instigates terrorist acts, who benefits from them, who … Continue reading

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