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Global Warming – Sustainability – Corn and Control – NWO

A weird title, disjointed and unclear. But so is the real world situation of government and NGO behaviour regarding energy utilization and planning, fossil fuel dependence and exploitation, CO2 and carbon controls and trading, globalization and world domination agendas and … Continue reading

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USDA admits exterminating birds crops and bees

This revealing article is a must read for the general population. The extent of the power of organizations is staggering, as is the extent to which they will carry out human life-threatening activities. No regard for nature or subsequent repercussions. … Continue reading

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The great government hoax of public safety

Following on from the suggested theme relating to George Orwell‘s novel “1984” where “Big Brother” watches over the citizenry punishing anyone not obeying the “rules”. Where the “Ministry of Truth” invents and publishes proaganda, and the “Ministry of Peace” organizes … Continue reading

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