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Global Warming – Sustainability – Corn and Control – NWO

A weird title, disjointed and unclear. But so is the real world situation of government and NGO behaviour regarding energy utilization and planning, fossil fuel dependence and exploitation, CO2 and carbon controls and trading, globalization and world domination agendas and … Continue reading

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Mass Control and The Redefinition of Freedom

This post is large, interesting and important. It is a gem of relevant information. It is a masterpiece.  Please do me, and yourself, a favour and read this. As Posted by Omar Cherif, CLN, Conscious Life News: Exactly one month … Continue reading

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There is enough warmongering information out there at the moment to drive us all crazy. This ‘Veterans Today’ post is still worthy of republishing because it highlights the degree of evil existing within the world leadership and will put the … Continue reading

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Washington Targeting China, via Libya, Africa

There is much afoot in the world around us, particularly in Africa. I believe a great deal is to be learnt from this ‘Mayihlome’ post titled ‘Washington Targeting China’s Achilles Heel. The Washington-led decision by NATO to bomb Gaddafi’s Libya into submission … Continue reading

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