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Nuclear Roundup: Japan and USA

There are many serious situations currently threatening our health and well-being. A lot of them are related to each other in their common association with the movement to set up world “government” control. Plenty of reasons to believe this posted … Continue reading

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Reaction to Boston Marathon Bombing From an Iraq Veteran and Longtime Boston Resident

The Boston Marathon death and injuries toll certainly raises our awareness of unnecessary violence and our compassion for the victims and their families. BUT, does it raise awareness of the global extent of what is going on everyday all over … Continue reading

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Terrorism – Difficult to Define – Difficult to Lay the Blame – Easy to be Suspicious.

Deja Vu, it seems. Another terrorist plot, several killed and many maimed in the Boston bomb incident. The usual media frenzy, the usual conflicting stories, the retractions, the government band wagon on the need for controls and the protection of … Continue reading

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9/11 – So Much Evidence – 11th Anniversary (Part 3).

We continue the story ( from part 2 linked here ), about the conflicting statements, the departures from standard procedures, the complete lack of positive action expected in this situation. These behaviours border on the absurd and cannot but leave … Continue reading

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Our World of madness. Impressive posts from TIP

Whilst taking it easy during a time of health challenge, very little has been published  here. TIP (The Internet Post) has made up for this  with the following posts summarised rather than reblogged. Enemies In Name Only: Washington, Al-Qaeda, And … Continue reading

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Waking Up to Propaganda and Unplugging From the Matrix

From Sott.net, an article by Paul Craig Roberts, ‘Informationclearinghouse.com’, revealing more about the hidden government agendas, the lies, propaganda and deceptions and the methods being used. When did things begin going wrong in America? “From the beginning,” answer some. English colonists, themselves … Continue reading

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WAR PLAN IRAN: Dispelling the Lies,

Information about a forthcoming Global Research on-line N- Book revealing truths about the ?impending IRAN conflict. About the fictional basis for starting a war. The usual lies and mis-information by the usual aggressors. Just what you read here reveals much about … Continue reading

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Washington Targeting China, via Libya, Africa

There is much afoot in the world around us, particularly in Africa. I believe a great deal is to be learnt from this ‘Mayihlome’ post titled ‘Washington Targeting China’s Achilles Heel. The Washington-led decision by NATO to bomb Gaddafi’s Libya into submission … Continue reading

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