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Nuclear Roundup: Japan and USA

There are many serious situations currently threatening our health and well-being. A lot of them are related to each other in their common association with the movement to set up world “government” control. Plenty of reasons to believe this posted … Continue reading

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TEPCO finally admits catastrophic Fukushima disaster was completely avoidable

Why bother to report this now that the damage is done? Because it is hoped that something will be learned from the disaster. Yet, it seems to be current world policy to not learn from mistakes but to just continue … Continue reading

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Fukushima was a man-made disaster, Japan’s parliament Report.

Thanks to ‘Natural News‘ this article by J. D. Heyes, introduces what is basically a completely new approach to the Fukushima NPP disaster issue. Theories exist about various other non-natural causes or contributory factors, from HAARP influences to an undersea … Continue reading

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Fukushima Radiation – Stories continue to spell out DANGER

Actual Fukushima worker talks, water purifying system has never worked Posted by Mochizuki on  December 6th, 2011 Following up this article http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/220t-of-highly-radioactive-water-leaked-and-a-part-of-it-leaked-to-the-sea/ The water purifying system has never worked properly. It was urgently constructed , the whole system can’t stand … Continue reading

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