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10 Most Radioactive Places on Earth

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By Brains.org While the 2011 earthquake and worries surrounding Fukushima have brought the threat of radioactivity back into the public consciousness, many people still don’t realize that radioactive contamination is a worldwide danger. Radionuclides are…

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Nuclear Roundup: Japan and USA

There are many serious situations currently threatening our health and well-being. A lot of them are related to each other in their common association with the movement to set up world “government” control. Plenty of reasons to believe this posted … Continue reading

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Nuclear Waste problems

One of the serious costs often neglected in practical terms and also in the assessment of of the desirability of nuclear power generation. Related articles Utilities to suffer 4.4 tril. yen loss if 50 reactors decommissioned (english.kyodonews.jp)

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