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Hunger Campaigns to Kill the Poor

Hmmm!  What have we here?  Sounds a bit over the top?  Maybe not! Certainly it is an extreme viewpoint but very much worthy of publishing. This article posted by Coto2, ‘Food Freedom News’, attributed to ‘ Sheesh, Food Freedom News’, … Continue reading

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Russia bans all GM corn imports; EU may also ban Monsanto GMO in wake of shocking cancer findings

This ‘NaturalNews’ post cannot be ignored. While other countries express faith in GM foods and exhibit unwarranted support from government and official agencies, including the very authorities responsible for monitoring and controlling food safety  on behalf of of the public, … Continue reading

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You are What You Eat.

Originally posted on Musings from the Chiefio:
This is a nice confirmation of something I’ve suspected. That some relatively large molecules pass into the body unchanged in “digestion”; many with biological activity. We all know this from the use of…

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The great government hoax of public safety

Following on from the suggested theme relating to George Orwell‘s novel “1984” where “Big Brother” watches over the citizenry punishing anyone not obeying the “rules”. Where the “Ministry of Truth” invents and publishes proaganda, and the “Ministry of Peace” organizes … Continue reading

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GMOs – New varieties exponentially more harmful to humans

From ‘Natural News‘, this post titled: “GMOs with ‘stacked traits’ exponentially more harmful to humans due to synergistic toxicity”, by Ethan A Huff. (NaturalNews) Monsanto‘s pipeline of upcoming genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) includes several new varieties specifically engineered with “stacked traits,” … Continue reading

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Read here for current ‘Doom & Gloom’, and Injustices.

This has been a very busy week, completely disrupting my routine. So as not to get too far behind with more usual postings, here are a list of posts that would probably have triggered my own: Health, per ‘Natural News’: … Continue reading

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7 Secret Ways We Are Being Poisoned

Just some more disheartening information about the industries that are more interested in making money than accepting responsibility for the public who consume their products and provide the money. From the Sott.net site, post by ‘Activist Post’; (Assume share offer … Continue reading

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