Hunger Campaigns to Kill the Poor

Hmmm!  What have we here?  Sounds a bit over the top?  Maybe not! Certainly it is an extreme viewpoint but very much worthy of publishing.

English: Guerrilla gardeners planting vegetabl...

English: Guerrilla gardeners planting vegetables in downtown Calgary. Македонски: Герила-градинари садат зеленчук во центарот на Калгари. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article posted by Coto2, ‘Food Freedom News’, attributed to ‘ Sheesh,
Food Freedom News’, outlines a number of individual current actions by the US government and associated organizations which cumulatively give legitimate support to the post title claim.  This article is primarily about the US, but it is also about us, every citizen! The Western countries are in an alliance in which an overall controlling power is operating. They are applying, in each country, what they deem appropriate measures to achieve their aims.

Already within the ‘tgrule’ blog, there exist posts on just about all the areas mentioned,  so this particular post is not much more radical than its general activist theme. However, collectively, the issues here build a very serious, grim picture. We are saying not just that hunger campaigns etc are killing the poor but that they are deliberately planned to do so.

If readers bear with us here and read the article, of course you will at least wonder if such treachery, inhumanity and brutality is possible. It cannot possibly be as claimed here! Such a scenario is logically inconceivable, is it not?    And yet, these are facts, not imagined but real. So how to assess them?  Throw in the recent revelation, now in the public view by Congress questioning about weapons and ammunition being purchased by the DHS and other civil services – an action which has no logical sane explanation – and one’s mindset begins to waver from preconceived, reasonable expectations of public security, social justice, well-being and welfare.

Instead we are reminded of George Orwell’s  ‘Animal Farm‘ and ‘Nineteen EightyFour‘  fictional novels now becoming seemingly predictions. Reminded of  ‘New World Order’ agendas of social and population controls, of massive population reductions.

You are respectfully invited to offer your thoughts and comments.

Nothing like a full wake up call to understand that governments are ready and eager to kill their own people.  For all their high-sounding programs to feed the poor, black, red, brown, sick and especially (violins, please) children in this country, the intention is as surely as high fructose (genetically engineered) corn syrup is disease on a stick.  The nice old Queen of England and the infallible pope and churches and government agencies in Canada went after Indian children there, starving them, intentionally subjecting them to lethal diseases (and pedophilia and torture and murder thrown in), and took the 99% of land that belonged to their peoples’.  Watch the ITCCS proceedings that end indicted the Queen of England and pope for genocide.

Dr. Otis Brawley, head of the American Cancer Society, has it only partly right when he says “The system is not failing …. failure is the system.”  What he doesn’t say is the system is intended to kill, and was created by the same banking and corporate entities – the Rockefellers who funded Hitler and genocide, and the Bushes, who got rich in Nazi Germany, attempted a fascist coup here, created a genocidal program against Native Americans, arranged a pandemic campaign that could force any lethal vaccine or drug or chemical on anyone in the country, and are strongly responsible for GMOs, which cause diseases, organ shrinkage, tumor growth and early deaths.

Which brings us to feeding the poor in order to kill them.  Food Fight! doesn’t blame people or ignorance or the system, it points to the culprits and is dead on.  And then Ron Finley’s Guerrilla Gardening shows absolutely what has to happen.  No mucking about talking or waiting on anything or anyone, just getting out there and doing it – planting food everywhere possible. ln all three cases, blacks are getting the message out bluntly – the system is killing people.

But it’s not just that the food is sterilizing and increasingly poisonous (FDA says the neurotoxin aspartame is fine for milk, and doesn’t need to be labeled), the vaccines are sterilizing and poisonous, the water is poisoned with sterilizing and disease producing aluminum waste (fluoride), the baby toys that kids put in their mouths and the storage items for food are poisoned with BPA and BPS, the air is filled with chemtrails, the feed animals are going sterile themselves and are passing on antibiotic resistance.

Because it gets worse.  Here comes the Obama administration with trumpeted plans for community gardens, out of the (violins) “deep concern for the obese and sick poor.”  Only it’s bureaucracy-speak.  What is offered are applying to get into meetings where the outcomes is not food but papers and brochures and the food part is at best limited plots of land to grow gardens that come with long waiting lists and fees.  Meanwhile behind the scenes, the government has not been waiting or writing brochures – they’ve been getting cities to rip out the poor’s gardens in housing projects, gardens the poor already had, already knew how to grow because they learned it from their families.  All this they were doing just fine, without the red-tape government courses that lead to the waiting lists for limited plots, for the fees  The good and free food people were already depending on for real sustenance?  Jerked away.  To hell with the poor.  To graves with the poor.

And that leaves what for those who aren’t allowed to grow their own food and have no jobs or money?  In come the big hunger campaigns.

They are providing exactly the food that is killing people – GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, things heavily laden with GMO-sugar, with GMO-soy, with GMO-canola.  The slow kill by the oh so concerned NGOs and government agencies all pushing stuff that literally kills, while pretending they are helping the poor, pretending [? whilst actually] they have driven the poor into this death trap by getting rid of jobs and then putting them on government assistance programs that hand out sterilization and death – for free!

On top of that, getting that food (and the poor have little other means to get any), the WIC program for mothers and babies who serves up soy baby formula linked to sterilization, and other programs, all require compliance to taking drugs and vaccines.  In Mississippi where they have many poor blacks and only one means of exempting out of those vaccines, a medical exemption that is impossible to secure, parents can’t be food for their children if the children are not completely up on the life-threatening CDC vaccine schedule, and if the parents do not also take the vaccines.  Refuse the vaccines as so many educated families are doing, and the poor can lose their children.  How can the poor possibly refuse the antibiotic and hormone filled, pesticide covered, HFCS and aspartame bearing food, as the educated, still employed in this country are increasingly doing?

Millions of poor blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and other poor, have been carefully driven into a trap, to force their slow sickening and demise.  Government funding pays for this.  NGOs seek donations for it.  Both play on sympathy as they intend and profit from crippling and killing people.

And then the final slamming of the gate behind the trapped poor – the collapse of the economy.  No money, no government hand outs, only DHS with its tanks and preparation for a civil war. Will they get one?  Certainly the government has been arranging a famine here.  Perhaps the American people will foil the corporate expectations by simply helping each other out, family to family.  Less for each but enough for all, and community forged to get everyone through.

Such an idea seems far from what Michelle Obama is doing.  She has an organic garden.  But did she ever once say to the country, and especially to poor Blacks, any of the following?  ”Every home needs an organic garden.  This is your way to freedom from high prices, freedom from disease, freedom from fear if the economy fails and the government cuts you off with nothing.  Organic gardening is the way to self-sufficiency and health and community.”

She might be less likely to refer to the background reality driving all this:  ”Beware the slow kill this administration is rolling out for you.  And the famine created for everyone.  They, who call themselves the Good Club, want to get rid of 90% of people, and you are not among the 10% they want.”

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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24 Responses to Hunger Campaigns to Kill the Poor

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Great blog Ken! Goes to the point, with links to info backing it up. So far blog of the year, for me!

  2. omanuel says:

    World governments are now ill-prepared to lead society or to deal with this harsh reality:
    _ a.) A growing world population
    _ b.) Increasing demand for energy per person
    _ c.) Science advisors trained to deceive for sixty-seven years, . . .

    Since world leaders joined together under the United Nations in 1945 to hide information about the source of energy [1] that destroyed Hiroshima and to subjugate humans to prevent them from destroying the earth with that forbidden knowledge.

    Post-1945 measurements and observations revealed that the same source of energy [1,2]:

    a.) Made our elements
    b.) Birthed the solar system 5 Gyr ago
    c.) Sustained the origin and evolution of life after 3.5 Gyr ago
    d.) Endowed mankind with special talents and unalienable rights, and now
    e.) Controls Earth’s climate and a volume of space that is greater than 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earth’s!

    World governments embarked on an impossible task in deciding to obscure the energy of the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of all elements, lives and worlds in the Solar System:

    With deep regrets,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    1. “Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron Journal 19, 123-150 (2012)

    2. “Is the Sun a pulsar?” Nature 270, 159-160 (1977)

    • Thank you Oliver, I haven’t forgotten your last comment and its request for expansion and exposure.
      It may prove to be too difficult for me but I am going to spend some time with it. Please be patient.
      My early thoughts are that the theories you discuss are at least one degree removed from the on-earth practical causes and effects, of which I have a better understanding, (possibly).
      Once I achieve a better understanding of the connections, some results can be hoped for.

      • omanuel says:

        Thanks, Ken.

        The last paragraph contains an empirical fact (scientific) that quite unexpectedly explains the long-standing antagonism between modern science and spirituality, e.g., astronomy versus astrology.

        That empirical fact needs to be addressed by someone with your communication skills.

        – Oliver

      • omanuel says:

        We are on the verge of a scientific discovery, a spiritual awakening, much like that of

        1. Copernicus (1543) discovery Earth and other planets orbit the Sun
        2. Planck (1901) discovery light energy is quantized like matter
        3. Einstein (1905) discovery mass is stored energy
        4. Neils Bohr’s (1915) discovery the structure of an atom is like the solar system
        5. Astrology is more scientific than astronomy?

    • omanuel says:

      The key question for the present generation is just this, Ken:

      Did guilt-ridden leaders of the scientific community take it upon themselves to deceive the public in 1946 in exchange for a continuous stream of lucrative research funds to support science?

      Or did world leaders persuade leaders of the scientific community to deceive the public in 1946 in exchange for a continuous stream of lucrative research funds to support science?

      There is little doubt that leaders of the scientific community were guilt-ridden by the use of new knowledge of nuclear energy to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      But the life and fate of the beloved British astronomer, Fred Hoyle, strongly suggest that

      1. Hoyle was coerced into writing the two misleading papers [1] in 1946 that would become the foundation of the

      _ a.) Standard Solar Model of hydrogen filled stars, and the
      _ b.) Big Bang Model of sudden synthesis of hydrogen from nothing at the imaginary beginning of time and the cosmos

      2. Hoyle privately contacted George Orwell, who had just published Animal Farm [2] to warn him that a new tyrannical government was rising from the ashes of Hiroshima.

      Although dying of tuberculosis, George Orwell moved from London to the forsaken Scottish island of Jura to start writing his famous warning of a new tyranny based on deceptive misinformation as accepted facts.


      [1] Fred Hoyle, “The chemical composition of the stars,” Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 255-259 (1946); “The synthesis of elements from hydrogen,” ibid., 343-383 (1946)

      [2] George Owrell (Eric Arthur Blair), Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, Secker and Warburg, (Aug 1945)

      [3] George Owrell (Eric Arthur Blair), “Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984),” Secker and Warburg, 1949:

  3. kristalklear says:

    Reblogged this on THE INTERNET POST and commented:

    An exceptional post by our friend at The Golden Rule……

  4. Joyce Middleton says:

    Thanks for the pingback!

  5. Pingback: Omanuel's Blog

  6. Michael says:

    Any time you use “1984” to support your argument you lose credibility. !984 and science in the same breath? New age psycobabble added to motivate and delegate. Al Qaida does it very well too.

    Guess what? I’m no scientist. I do have a brain that prevents me from being as dumb as you would like me to be.

    • I do not believe I have suggested that the fictional novel “1984” is anything but fiction, however its scenario is brought to mind when we see what is happening today. Lies being told by the authorities and we are expected to believe them as if true.
      “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell
      There are strong ‘1984’ correlations with todays’ authoritarian behaviour but nothing to do with science.
      My criticism of the unproven or inadequate ‘science’ used by the warmist proponents stands on its merits and is not to be confused with their telling lies.
      When ‘they’ tell lies that is not science, it has to have a different name.

    • omanuel says:

      I might have agreed with you, Michael, before late Nov 2009 when:

      a.) Climategate emails revealed manipulated global temperature data, and then
      b.) Leaders of the scientific community insisted AGW is based on settled science

    • R. de Haan says:

      Michael, of course I’ve read 1984 and Animal Farm too for that matter but we don’t need these books as a reference because we have the official UN document Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, which simply states that the sustainable number of people on this planet is 500 million. There is an excellent blog: that provides all the insights, references and links so you can see for yourself. We are on the eve of the establishment of a fascist regime with global powers and they are waiting for the financial collapse call a siege and make their power grab. They will start in Europe where unemployment is skyrocketing and the strongest country, Germany has the weakest bank (Deutsche Bank with 56 trillion in liabilities which is over 100 times the value of all the German bank savings and 22 times the German GNP) When this moloch blows there is no cash euro left and within a week all the supermarkets have nothing more to offer but empty shelfs)
      The treaty proposal for a World Government was enclosed in the Copenhagen Climate Treaty which went down the drain because of the release of the first batch of the Climate Gate e-mails. Despite their determination we are not dealing with the brightest of the establishment and there is alway’s the factor of unintended consequences. But the fact is that 180 countries have signed Agenda 21 and with it allow foreign troops to operate within the borders of autonomous treaty states. Now have a read because all this information is available.

      • Welcome, may I call you Ron.

        Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my humble site – where I strive to make sense of the iniquities and injustices of this mad world.
        More to the point, it is important for me to receive comments from knowledgeable and clear-thinking people who can express their thoughts effectively.
        I am just as keen to receive criticisms to help me not stray from my ideal ‘truths’ because of my own human weaknesses.

        What you say here is excellent and very helpful to this post.

        Kind Regards, Ken.

  7. omanuel says:

    The Creator, Destroyer & Sustainer of atoms, worlds and lives in the Solar System is a continuous chain of cause and effect triggered by neutron repulsion and emission from the Sun’s pulsar core [1]. That pulsar still makes and controls [2,3] every atom in the Solar System.

    In that sense everything in the Solar System in connected, as Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell ( and medical neurologist Dr. Eben Alexander ( have independently concluded.

    Two recent findings confirm our 2002 conclusion [4] that deep-seated magnetic fields of ancient origin cause solar cycles and solar eruptions [5]:

    [1] “Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron Journal 19, 123-150 (2012)

    [2] D. Javorsek II, et al., “Study of nuclear decays during a solar eclipse: Thule Greenland 2008,” Astrophysics and Space Science 342 (2012) 9-13:

    [3] Jere H. Jenkins, et al., “Additional experimental evidence for a solar influence on nuclear decay rates,” Astroparticle Physics 37 (2012) 81-88:

    [4] “Super-fluidity in the solar interior: Implications for solar eruptions and climate”, Journal of Fusion Energy 21, 193-198 (2002):

    [5] I. G. Usoskin, et al., “The AD775 cosmic event revisited: The Sun is to blame,”
    A&A Letters 552, L3 (2013):

  8. R. de Haan says:

    Hello Ken, you ask for an opinion. First time at this blog. Some good points but also a lot of hubris like the Aspertame hoax and GMO’s are bad for health. This is all Greenpeace, WHO propaganda because the reality is that before the introduction of aspertam thousands of people died from food poisoning. Well, the greens would love to see people die from food poisoning again, and malaria, and bed bugs and flees, and, and, all the other useful chemicals we had at our disposal but thanks to the greens have been banned. We have used aspertam without any problems for 60 years until the greens suddenly had an issue with it.
    As for GMO’s there is noting wrong with them but if they are combined with a chemical to prevent crop damage from parasites and insects we have to do the home work on the testing. Also the story of aluminiumoxide in the water is total BS (Bad Science). Now go figure. People in our western society are getting older and older. Every decade the average age goes up a few years. That couldn’t be posible if we take the greens at their word. Dirty coal, dirty oil, dirty chemicals, GMO’s, with all regards, but the people of the west are doing fine so far and never in history has our food been so save as it is today. Bit if you spend half your time with MacDonalds, you eat the massive portions of fast food Americans are used to, well you have another problem. These are problems people have to solve by themselves. You are responsible for what you eat en believe me you can eat cheap and healthy. You just have to make an effort and making efforts today is difficult for a lot of people. Do some more desk research so you can split the facts from the fiction and reality from propaganda because on a number of subjects you’re preaching for the wrong church. Cheers.

    • Hi Ron,
      It is interesting that I submitted my reply to your earlier comment before reading this.
      Wow, did I ever ask for it – the criticism. So, I must say thanks when I get it.
      You have given me a great deal to think about.
      I will try to do it justice.

      My first off the cuff response is to disassociate myself from the Greens and their agenda.
      All my support for the issues you label as ‘wrong’ is independent from any agenda, and based on the evidence presented in each case.
      It also encourages me when the evidence is being presented by qualified persons and obviously more so when there are thousands of people who see things the same way. I am not frightened to go out on a limb, as you probably know, but the crux of the matter is always what is true.

      Please bear with me as I study your points raised and try and do justice with a sensible response.

      Additionally. I would invite any reader to add their thoughts, particularly on the GMO and Aspertame issues.

      Ron, I find it ironic that you understand the depopulation agenda afoot, but seemingly not the methods of bringing that about.
      The success of our improved life expectancy is perhaps because of medicines and lifestyles introduced and encouraged during say the last 2 generations.
      It is now being seriously threatened by the recent chemical attacks on our lives, in my opinion.

      Whist I can understand the practical aspects of a reduced population, I am in no way in favour of such a murderous, inhumane, unethical approach to bringing it about. The continued use of fossil fuel energy is not an issue with me, but plans to cope with the eventual, forced phasing out of non-renewable energy sources are essential. Depopulation is not one of the acceptable options.

      Once again, thanks! Like MacArthur once said, “I shall return”.

  9. R. de Haan says:

    I really like the guerilla gardners but the entire idea is as old as Job and as long as the cat and the dogs water the plants it’s certainly no health food. But let me take you back to Europe during the first and second world war. In embattled cities like London but also Berlin people used every square meter of garden to plant food. (sorry for the length of the link. My own parents were forced to eat flower bulbs, tulips and narcisses to survive the hunger winter, Now what they found out is what a lot of gardners found out. Many plants are a hazard to your health. Now if Greenpeace really wants a “clean” environment they should treat nature with Roundup to turn this wish into a success (LOL).

    A for the environmental background of their resentment against chemicals we have this book “Silent Earth” describing an agricultural landscape without any birds and the driving propaganda tool against DDT. Well, that empty landscape with no birds today is an illusion. We don’t know what to do with all the birds, the geese, the ducks, you name it. Governments have released hunting bans to get their numbers under control again. Can’t help it but it is the truth. Same with fish and other wild life. We have the fox and the wild boar roaming the city parks and their numbers are completely out of control. So we don’t need the greens any longer. And if people like John Holden, Obama’s science advisor still persists on his Club of Rome Idea’s of population control and reduction he should behave like a man and shoot himself.

  10. R. de Haan says:

    Ken, have a read at Alan Caruba’s blog about the EPA, I have already made a pre selection.
    Lot’s about Co2 but also a lot about food, chemicals, pests and rodent control: And as a last advice never mention NGO’s being the good guy’s because they’re not. Most of them have managed to promote disaster in the Third World for decades because you can’t promote agriculture witha sustainability agenda. You do that with dirty stinking tractors like we do.NGO’s are part of the UN structure and they suck.

    To respond to your remark about me understanding the big picture but not the mechanism of operation in practice I would like to say this. I think I know exactly what’s going on and I indeed understand the Agenda and how a possible scenario could work out but I make a big U turn when I encounter, let’s call it environmentalist propaganda or PrisonPlanet style alarmism. The real power of the “AGW skeptics” is based on a ruthless analysis of the claim material which the warmists use to make their case for a warming planet and break it down with hard fact evidence, most of it centered around the excellent blog from Anthony Watts and before him one of the first climate blogs in the USA made by the late John L. Daly: and Steve Mcintyre’s Climate Audit: just to mention a few.
    Please try to into the footsteps of their tradition. Limit your information to hard facts and nothing but hard facts and save the crap for the environmentalists. They are already full of it.

    Just to provide you with a few examples example, the entire world is making opposition against Montesanto. This is a colossal company and they hold many patents. It happens to be that Montesanta iinvolved in some questionable affairs. Now hat I read is that Montesanto is a bad company because they are banned from countries like Germany, Austria etc. etc. What the authers don’t understand is the fact that Montesanto in these countries has big competitors operating in the same business like Bayer. With this background knowledge is the entire basis of the claim dismissed. It has become an empty argument. In Europe over the past two weeks people have been commenting on the terrible accident that happened when a factory building collapsed in Bangladesh killing over a thousand people. The tone of the public debate was that the consumers in Europe were not prepared to pay descent prices to allow the workers in Bangladesh to have saver buildings and higher income. Nobody provided a counter argument. The fact is that the production costs of shoes and clothing made in Bangladesh only make up 5% of the retail price. This means that the claim that the European consumer is not willing to pay higher prices is total BS. Now is the Dutch government stepping in with a budget of 9 million Euro’s to “improve the position of the workers” by introducing introduce labor organizations and safety inspectors.
    As a consequence bangladesh, just like China will be priced out of the market and people will lose their job. What they really need is a good architect and solid building materials to great a solid construction. The reality is that people only act if they have an opportunity to experience the rush of the “feel good moment” but at the same moment they interfere in a far away market with our tax money. Now the last example is about the plastic floating around in our oceans. The media tell us to stop using plastic and make us responsible for the plastic in the oceans. Again no comments. The reality is that non or practically non of our plastic get dumped into the ocean. We have a very expensive but effective garbage collection and processing system. Besides that a plastic bag is a great product. it’s light, strong, cheap and clean. That doesn’t keep armies of bored housewives from showing up at our supermarkets to protest and demand a 50 cents pollution fee for GreenPeace. money used to further tear down our civilization. Honestly what the world lacks is common sense and the capacity to make factual analyses.

  11. R. de Haan says:

    Sorry for the typo’s, need a new pair of glasses.

    • Don’t worry about the typos, its the content that matters. Some of which worries me.
      Hopefully I will get to address the suggested issues.
      It might help if your comments were more specific rather than generalized.
      The EPA are both politically and industry controlled, it seems – probably depends on where the money comes from. I have no love of them.
      I love CO2 and WUWT. I am critical of NGO’s.
      I am extremely puzzled by your support for Monsanto who are destroying the farmers and the home grown and small business food scene.
      I wonder how much of my blog you have actually looked at?
      Regards, Ken.

      • R. de Haan says:

        I am not supporting Monsanto. I just see them like any other multi national. Their policies consist of a close cooperation with governments. I called this corporatism = fascism. I can’t express myself any clearer. Of course I reject corporatism as strongly as can be so I also reject Monsanto but that doesn’t prevent me to remain objective and critical to what’s written. Now if you claim that Monsanto has been banned from a number of EU countries, SW Australia and Japan for malpractice, this isn’t correct. They have been banned because the National governments protected their own industries (Europe and Japan) and believe me when I say that their practices are no better than those of Monsanto. You will find more cases of protectionism in the medical sector for example. You don’t find for example any japanese medicine in the US or Europe and you don’t find any EU medicine in Japan. A Japanese company is free to apply for an EU registration but they will get after their patent has expired. That’s the reality of the day. For the consumer this of course is bad news. Excluding producers from markets reduces competition and promote higher prices.
        I think we both think the same about what’s going but I really think that the claims you made about our drinking water and the chemicals used to prevent food poisoning are far fetched and without merit. I didn’t comment on the excessive use of antibiotics as a growth enhancer you wrote about simply because I agree with your arguments on that matter. Just trying to motivate you to do some more desk research before you make a claim. That’s all.

  12. omanuel says:


    Fear and loathing of the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Aug 1945 prevented mankind from using the only know source of energy that can allow humans to advance and colonize the Moon, Mars, etc.

    We formed the UN instead on 24 Oct 1945 and have been trying to return to the Green womb of our past.

    It won’t work. Mankind will advance or perish. We have wasted our time trying to blame Communists, Capitalists, left or right as society steadily sinks deeper into the quagmire crested by our own fears.

    Oliver K Manuel

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