The great government hoax of public safety

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Following on from the suggested theme relating to George Orwell‘s novel “1984” where “Big Brother” watches over the citizenry punishing anyone not obeying the “rules”.

Where the “Ministry of Truth” invents and publishes proaganda, and the “Ministry of Peace” organizes the wars. I don’t need to go further, we can see the analogy already where the Nobel Peace Prize Winner approves US invasions and killing, calling it humanitarian mission or introducing democracy etc.

Where was I? Oh yes, this ‘Natural News‘ post, by Mike Adams, is about the US government and its agencies responsible for public safety acting in exactly the reverse roles.

(NaturalNews) As the tyranny of destructive government envelops our once-free society, have you noticed how oppression, censorship and government aggression against the people is always defended as somehow protecting public safety?
Consider these astonishing contradictions:
• The government claims that every single air traveler must be intimately searched and confirmed harmless in order to protect the safety of a few hundred passengers on the plane, but that very same government conducts no safety testing whatsoever on each batch of toxic fluoride chemicals dumped into municipal water supplies that threaten the health of tens of millions!
• The government aggressively attacks raw milk farmers and food cooperatives who sell fresh milk to a few hundred people, claiming raw milk is extremely dangerous to the public, yet that same government does absolutely nothing to protect the public from MSG (obesity), aspartame (seizures and blindness), high fructose corn syrup (diabetes), sodium nitrite (cancer) and artificial food colors (behavioral disorders) that impact virtually the entire population! (At least a million times as many people eat MSG than drink raw dairy…)
• The government claims that it has the right to force all children to be forcibly vaccinated because it “protects society,” yet this is by definition an open admission that vaccines don’t work because otherwise all the vaccinated children would be 100% protected against unvaccinated children in the first place (and having unvaccinated children running around wouldn’t matter).
• The FDA is now proposing that long-time nutritional supplement ingredients like vitamin C, ginger root and Echinacea must undergo a lengthy new safety review and approval process, yet the USDA openly approves the widespread experimental planting of genetically modified crops (GMOs) with absolutely no safety testing whatsoever — all under the absurd presumption that GMOs are essentially “identical” to non-GMO crops. Except they aren’t identical, otherwise they couldn’t be patented, could they? What part of the word “modified” does the USDA not grasp?
• In many cities, the government says all children must wear helmets when riding their bicycles while adults are required to wear helmets when they ride motorcycles. But all those same people are openly allowed to go break their legs and crack their skulls wide open on a ski slope without even signing a waiver! Why is bicycling down the sidewalk so dangerous while barreling down a 3,000-foot mountain on a snowboard is acceptably safe? (Hint: because it’s not about safety, it’s about tourism money.)
• The federal government says that private citizens should only prepare for a maximum of a 3-day event such as a hurricane or storm. But the federal government itself has spent tens of billions of dollars building massive underground cave networks where decades of supplies are stockpiled: Food, water, guns, ammunition, medical supplies, communications equipment, non-hybrid seeds and much more. The message? YOU don’t need to be safe, but WE do!

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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2 Responses to The great government hoax of public safety

  1. Jason Calley says:

    Ah! But there is a perfectly reasonable justification for this “do-as-we-say-not-as-we-do” procedure!

    After all, what sane person would expect the ranchers and meat packers to follow the same rules that the cattle live under?

    • You refer to “Animal Farm”? True. Justifiable to psychopaths!
      All societies require some form of leadership, else chaos surely results.
      America had it good whilst respecting its Constitution and very wise Amendments.
      Greed for power and money has completely destroyed civil liberties.
      Now with the emergence of “World Power” policies and population reduction clearly in operation, we have a very serious problem with a divided civilization. People in general are certainly vulnerable as the new hierarchy show clear psychopathic tendencies and complete loss of compassion and respect for others.
      Absolutely blinded to any humanitarian principles whatsoever.
      This is not good.

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