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5 Reasons to Embrace Home Canning

Once again, thanks to ‘Care2’ for this useful post by Shelley Stonebrook Home canning might seem more like an activity your grandparents did than something busy people in our day would embrace. But canning homegrown and local foodsis undergoing a … Continue reading

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Think About Replacing Lawns with Gardens

Regular readers will be aware of the diversity of topics of interest to the author. There is some commonality, however, and that amounts to personal well-being. What I read relates to my own well-being, what I “write” relates to  others … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Syria

I still believe that the Syria is still arguably the most important global situation of concern to people everywhere. At the least it a clear picture of the world domination movement in action, at worst, a trigger for a major … Continue reading

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Future of Food – The Australian Government sets the Direction

Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
You know, even Blind Freddie could figure out that allowing the Government to set the direction for the future food policy – without at least having the ordinary members of the food industry…

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