Future of Food – The Australian Government sets the Direction

Another good post, Clare!
I think you are correct in querying the agenda of the government and where their loyalties lie.

An extract:

The Draft National Food Plan: Putting Corporate Hunger First

I highly recommend you read the paper and decide if you will join Nicolas Rose and Michael Croft develop a People’s Food Plan – one which is not solely in the control of the Government and the Big Corporations – one which is designed for Mr. and Mrs. Average Australian and workable into the foreseeable future. Also one which will benefit us all and not only the tax collectors and multinational food corporations.


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You know, even Blind Freddie could figure out that allowing the Government to set the direction for the future food policy – without at least having the ordinary members of the food industry involved in the process – is a bad move!

Of course it just shows once again that this Government takes no notice of the electorate or the relevant industries, and does what it wants regardless. (Think No Carbon Taxunder a Government I lead)

Foodmagazineis an ezine I receive,which keeps me moderately up to date with what is happening in the food industry in Australia.

One of the articles of interest today discusses theAustralian Government’s National Food Plan.

According to Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig, this plan “will ensure Australia has a sustainable, globally competitive, resilient food supply that supports access to nutritious and affordable food”.

Personally I would not trust the…

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