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Bank Restructuring is Essential – Iceland sets the example – Why is everyone else so Stupid?

Iceland Parliament’s Economics and Trade Committee unanimously passes resolution. The Icelandic parliament, called Althingi, on 18 March was presented with a unanimous motion from its Economics and Trade Committee, calling for a Glass-Steagall-style banking separation. Iceland has led the way … Continue reading

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The Ascendancy of a Criminal Financial Elite

The guillotine is the only thing that will stop these criminal banksters. Crystal Related articles Corrupt Government Officials Should Be In Jail … Alongside Corrupt Banksters (tipggita32.wordpress.com) The Banksters Literally Like Stealing Candy From Little Children (dprogram.net) High noon for ‘banksters’? … Continue reading

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Freedom in Iceland

Originally posted on crazyemailsandbackstories:
Iceland’s peaceful revolution is a stunning example of how little our media tells us about the rest of the world. Read details about Iceland’s wonderful social evolution at DailyKos, here. Another great article is  on Bloomberg.com.…

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Possible ‘Little Ice Age’ for Ireland could last 11 years as sun cools

Bernie Malone, ‘Irish Central‘ writes: Ireland will have record breaking snowfall and freezing temperatures once again: Possible ‘Little Ice Age’ for Ireland could last 11 years as sun cools According to British academics, Ireland and the UK should brace themselves for … Continue reading

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