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Carbon Tax/ Carbon Trading – Not so successful

Image by stoofstraat via Flickr Just a gentle stir to our Australian ‘Leaders’: EU carbon plunges 10 percent to record low of 6.30 euros EU carbon prices fell to their lowest ever level on Wednesday as the euro currency and … Continue reading

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LIBYA – Humanitarian OR OIL supply take-over?

This author posted recently on Libya and the NATO attack on the Gaddafi regime. Ref: Libya – Theatre of the Absurd.    Libya – Why the fighting there? This Sott.net post reveals the truth as to why Gaddafi had to be outed and thousands of civilians brutally … Continue reading

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Meltdown: What Really Happened at Fukushima?

“It’s been one of the mysteries of Japan’s ongoing nuclear disaster: How much of the damage did the March 11 earthquake inflict on Fukushima Daiichi’s reactors in the 40 minutes before the devastating tsunami arrived? The stakes are high: If the quake alone structurally compromised the plant and the safety of its nuclear fuel, then every other similar reactor in Japan is at risk.

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