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Confirmed: Fukushima disaster contaminated ocean with 50 million times normal radiation, leaks still ongoing

A ‘Natural News‘ post by Mike Adams, that supports my contention, published in comments on ‘Musings From the Chiefio’  soon after the devastation, that this was a serious situation and that radiation dangers were real and high. Since then, this … Continue reading

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Fukushima…is this the China Syndrome? Hartmann.

This video tells a grim story. How bad can the Fukushima meltdowns be? How much worse can the situation and the resulting radiation poisoning get? How many people will die or have adversely affected lives?  Who will accept responsibility? How blatantly … Continue reading

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Fukushima – a part of the on-going disasters.

Many tragedies are current in the world. In Australia, the ‘carbon tax‘ issue is foremost. Yet its ramifications are worldwide and catastrophic. Not the ‘climate’ aspects, but the financial and social aspects. Then there is the actual pollution by the oil industry, still … Continue reading

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Meltdown: What Really Happened at Fukushima?

“It’s been one of the mysteries of Japan’s ongoing nuclear disaster: How much of the damage did the March 11 earthquake inflict on Fukushima Daiichi’s reactors in the 40 minutes before the devastating tsunami arrived? The stakes are high: If the quake alone structurally compromised the plant and the safety of its nuclear fuel, then every other similar reactor in Japan is at risk.

Continue reading

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Fukushima: Radioactive Strontium dangers

Natural News posts the following dire situation report: (NaturalNews) Representing the first time the substance has been detected at the crippled plant, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) reported on Sunday that seawater and groundwater samples taken near the ravaged Fukushima … Continue reading

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Fukushima update: Truth emerging!

Japan Finally Admits TOTAL Meltdown at 3 Nuclear Reactors Within Hours of Earthquake … And More Than DOUBLES Estimate of Radiation Released After Accident  This headline and the following extracts are from ‘GeorgeWashington2.blogspot’, alerted by Sott.net  For months, Tepco and Japanese … Continue reading

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Fukushima FUEL MELT confirmed

There has been little recent information in the news about the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant run by TEPCO in Japan.  A quietness that seemed ominous, even if it was somewhat over-shadowed by other events. This is a bit ironic, given that … Continue reading

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