Syria – More vocal support against Western Intervention.

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31 August 2012

Daraya Massacre: A war crime for sure, but whose?

Has another opposition-instigated massacre been pinned on the Assad government in Damascus for the purpose of furthering the West’s campaign of regime change in Syria? Civilian massacres are a trigger for UN intervention into the domestic affairs of a sovereign state, under the UN’s new Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine, first applied in Libya. Former British PM Tony Blair, whose office fabricated the WMD “evidence” used to justify the Iraq war, is the architect of R2P, which Blair devised to further Britain’s imperial agenda to shred the principle of national sovereignty as the foundation doctrine of international law. The British and Obama seize on the reports of civilians massacres in Syria to clamor for “regime change” in Syria, but, once again in the case of the latest massacre in Daraya, the actual evidence shows that the perpetrators of the massacre are the Saudi-funded rebels, including al-Qaeda, with whom the British and Obama are siding to overthrow the Syrian government.

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Tony Blair, Syria, and the Peace of Westphalia

R2P is a live trigger for thermonuclear war. What is R2P? The social media shorthand for “Responsibility to Protect”, a new doctrine in international law that the United Nations is being pushed to apply to Syria. At the UN on Feb. 22, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Hardeep Singh Puri, citing the use of the R2P by “over-enthusiastic members” of the international community in the case of Libya and Syria, charged the UN principle of responsibility to protect, or “R2P”, is being used for regime change.

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Source article from CEC Australia Newsletter.

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