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Australia Succumbs to Pressure from Globalists and Joins United Nations Security Council

From ‘Globalist Report’, by Andrew Puhanic. [Actually, I have never considered Julia a communist.] “GLOBALIST puppet, carbon tax lover and communist Julia Gillard has once again set Australia on the path to world government. Today, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and … Continue reading

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Why the Australian government is Not a Government For the People.

This ‘Global Report’ post explains very interestingly why Julia Gillard, the Greens and other political leaders are behaving in strange ways. Pushing Carbon Tax, adversely interfering in the food and water production plans, prepared to sacrifice Australian lives overseas, prepared … Continue reading

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China and the ‘New World Order’.

Today, some-one ‘made my day’. A contact from a globalist specialist blog “The Globalist Report”, now added to the ‘World Issues’ Links, (lower right sidebar), has the answer I was seeking. We can easily see how they are infiltrating the … Continue reading

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