Smart Meters – Are They? What about the Customers? (Draft issue 6)

English: A electrical 'smart' meter installed ...

English: A electrical ‘smart’ meter installed in a Victorian, Australian home. Issued by SP Ausnet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some years I have been on the outside looking in, so to speak. A remote sort of observer with no inspiration to get excited. Unlike many other issues in which I am also an observer but passionate about such things as lies by governments and authorities regarding  9/11, AGW, global financial crisis and associated activities involving murder, mayhem and injustices, and more and more lies.

Suddenly, in the mail arrives a letter of intent stating – we are going to install a smart meter on your property next week. Now I am actually within and part of a scenario which is also arguably part of the world-wide movement to keep the public in “their place” and control their lives and very existence.

An extreme viewpoint?, yes but it seems to be very close to exactly that – serious control over the pricing and uses of electrical energy, remote control of our lives, almost.

Is there a question of choice? Absolutely not! To deny access to your own property to equipment installers is against some law which I am still researching. Normally free and welcome access is made to meter readers and fault service technicians without hesitation, rancour or argument.

But, in this case, all over the world there are disputes about the safety and control issues of smart meters. In some countries, they have been subject of reversal of “laws” allowing reversions to the old electro-mechanical devices. To say the least, the jury is out regarding the need, intrusion of privacy and safety issues of the smart meter.

However, here in Victoria, Australia, we are blindly going full-speed ahead with the forceful installation in all residences and small businesses, based on government edicts and mandates on the electrical distributors to install at almost any cost.

Why is this so? A proven inept government? An agenda from ‘on high’? Some real practical reasons? (I didn’t put that first because I am biassed), a vendetta against Ken McMurtrie? just joking, why is this a world-wide mandate? Why indeed!

There are several distinct issues:

  • Reason(s) for updating the technology.
  • Capabilities of the meters.
  • EMF radiation and health.
  • Costs.
  • Civil Liberties, individual’s rights and sanctity of the private home.
  • Paths for public to pursue justice.

Added 9th May 2013: On radiation –

All the individual areas are of concern and hopefully will be dealt with. There is so little detailed, reliable information about one of the factors, the emission pattern from a meter – peak levels, duration and frequency (how often) so I am seeking clarification. We learn about pulses as distinct from continuous radiation, where the peaks can be very high but during testing and reporting, become averaged out and confused by factoring in duty cycles.

There are conflicting reports about numbers of transmissions per day, ability of meters to interact with other meters, actual output power levels, local area networking and hub stations, etc., all of which influence the potential dangers. Too many unknowns!

There is argument about assessing health risk safe levels based on cell heating and a 6 minute time constant, the basis for the Australian safe levels, and direct damage without heating from the RF energy which is arguably probable at much lower power density levels.

This comment ref introduces the pulsing aspect.

There also are safety issues, like known cases of the smart meter failing and starting a fire, or exploding. Also, in a recent official filing PG&E confirmed that its smart meters can damage customers’ sensitive electronics. And the new meter is effectively a remote control device in charge of your house or business, allowing PG&E the option of unilaterally rationing or cutting power to a property when the corporation deems it useful for THEIR purpose.
But by far the most dangerous aspect is the way these wireless meters put our health at risk! This kind of microwave pulsing works differently than more-continuous cell phone radiation, and it’s much more dangerous. Many scientific studies have verified that this type particularly affects the brain, nervous system and hormones, disrupting the functioning of many body systems and causing very serious leakage of our blood-brain barrier, and that low-power broadcasts (such as from these meters) are even more damaging than higher-power ones. Typical acute symptoms include migraine headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, forgetfulness and confusion, tinnitus, tingling, nausea and vomiting, constant thirst, heart palpitations and increased blood pressure, limbic system disturbances such as severe depression or anxiety or crying jags, etc.–and a general reduction from prior levels of functionality. For some, the nervous and endocrine systems go into hyper-arousal (as with severe stress), ultimately leading to the collapse known as “burnout”. Careful scientific research has proven that cumulative exposure to this type of radiation also causes more and more DNA breaks, which—if experienced frequently enough—have the potential to be a factor in ultimately causing cancer. Our risk of developing serious symptoms (often referred to as “electrical sensitivity”) increases the longer our chronic exposure to this radiation continues—and, with the smart meter system fully in place, there will be no place to escape it night or day. Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with pre-existing health problems are particularly vulnerable.

The transmitting smart meters also typically add additional high frequencies directly onto home and building wiring. This additional high-frequency load is then re-radiated throughout the interior space. Scientific studies are finding that such high frequencies on building wiring are related to a host of health problems, similar to those described above. The Precautionary Principle—which says “Better safe than sorry”–is official policy in parts of the Bay Area; “better safe than sorry” should mean no wireless meters until it’s been independently proven that long-term exposure to them is safe.

Added 10 May 2013: (Information Sources and My Story) Revised 15th May.

Information sources:

Stop Smart Meters Australia

Smart Meters in Victoria: Information and Concerns UPDATED

RF Radiation Assessment California/US – Sage Reports [See section below for information]

Briefly, my story so far:  Actions taken, communications made & received.

Letter from United Energy foreshadowing meter installation.

Follow up from UE, letter giving installation date window.

Letter to UE advising nil consent to a smart meter.

Installed keyed cupboard lock on meter box door, also sign “Please NO Smart Meter“.

Reply from Jemena advising installation compulsory and would proceed.

“All smart meters being installed in Victoria are safe, Health authorities around the world, including ARPANSA and the World Health Organization, have examined the scientific evidence regarding possible health effects and, using prescribed exposure limits, concluded that the weight of evidence does not demonstrate the existence of health effects.”

Minister Michael O’Brien says smart meters are compulsory and those who do not allow them to be fitted risk being cut off from the supply grid. Minister O’Brien says any customer who wishes to remain connected is required to allow electricity companies to install smart meters. He also says anyone refusing to have a smart meter installed is breaking the law.”

Letter to Ombudsman EWOV requesting help with dispute.

Reply from Jemena re costs – installation, added to everyone’s bills smart meter or not, no changes to energy rates – safety, radiation testing shows very low levels, well below official safety levels. [revised 15th May]

Reply from EWOV absolving themselves from jurisdiction due to government policy being involved.” click here. Please refer to HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” Fact Sheet 10: Smart electricity meters”

Letter to EWOV criticising their inability to help and lack of information.

Reply from EWOV  “EWOV is unable to investigate complaints pertaining to Government directives and rollouts.   If you are dissatisfied with the installation of Advanced Meters, you are able to lodge a complaint by contacting your Local Member of Parliament.”

Another letter to EWOV saying I understood their situation but the overall scenario is far from satisfactory, in contrast to Australia’s” land of the young and free” and a fair go, and akin to China, Russia or the modern USA.

Contact made with local member but he is unavailable until current parliament sitting over. [Draft letter in progress].

15th May: All quiet on the ‘Eastern Front’ (House Porch!) 2nd week of threatened installation 2 week period.

Investigating availability and pricing of appropriate RF EMF meter to enable monitoring of local radiation levels. Regardless of whether I have to accede to a meter, I can check radiation from neighbours etc.  Local suppliers a possibility but nearly $400 for a unit. Looking at ebay and wondering if I am savvy enough to buy the correct type at about $150.

Considering whether to tell installers to “STICK” meter, up the power pole over the road. 🙂 . Seriously, it would be far enough away for me to feel more comfortable, Nobody needs to read it physically, I believe they supply a remote wireless reader to customers. And there are serious radiation dangers to someone close enough to read a meter. (See Sage Report section below).

20th May: Still no approach from the impending installers, haven’t seen any one “suspicious” in the neighbourhood” :-).  Bit much to expect they have decided to leave me alone. Their window was from 6th t0 17th May, but I guess that wasn’t necessarily fixed.

I would certainly like to think that they are actually giving the situation some serious thought, especially if they were reading my blog and “educating” themselves!!

Spent hours on the internet researching mainly the health issues resulting in a couple of posts (below) and a published page ” How Smart Meters Affect Your Body “. Much the same as below but neat and tidy.

After trouble with Paypal system had to abandon a purchase from one  supplier but have now committed to a RF meter for $140 instead of $110. Looking forward to that. Can check existing radiation levels from our cell phones and wi-fi equpment and the neighbourhood if neighbours get smart meters.

Thanks again for all your comments and information.

[Obviously updating the post regularly together with publishing and commenting on reader comments makes the post a bit disjointed. OTOH the post would be very premature if not upgraded and the comments would become even more disjointed, I think.]

Readers please have a look at the current commentary from Steve for some really good information.

To be continued. (20 May 2013)

Information worth a look:

The SAGE REPORT: [added 15th May]

Referenced above, it is a very detailed document with a wealth of information. It is about the Californian scene and how closely that relates to Victoria Aus., remains to be seen.

The main issue that stands out in my perception from it is that taking the word of our authorities, and indeed their stated reference for “proving” safety, are to be seriously questioned.

Firstly, they detail how smart meters work. Again this is Australia, but we are all apparently being “managed” by a global force to achieve their desired agenda so although it is not wise to be adamant about the California scenario being exactly representative, it is clearly wise to be very observant and cautious.

The main safety issue is the use of averaging and duty cycles to reduce peak power densities to what appear to be safe for human consumption. Then it also states:

Hondou et al (2006) establishes that power densities 1000 times to 2000 times higher than the power density predictions from computer modeling (that does not account properly for reflections) can be found in daily living situations. Power density may not fall off with distance as predicted by formulas using limited reflection factors. The RF hot spots created by reflection can significantly increase RF exposures to the public, even above current public safety limits.”

Peak Power Limits

In addition to time-averaged public safety limits that require RF exposures to be time-averaged over a 30 minute time period, the FCC also addresses peak power exposures. The FCC refers back to the ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1992 standard to define what peak power limits are.

The ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1999 standard defines peak power density as “the maximum instantaneous power density occurring when power is transmitted.” (p. 4) Thus, there is a second method to test FCC compliance that is not being assessed in any FCC Grants of Authorization.

Note that although the FCC did not explicitly adopt limits for peak power density, guidance on these types of exposures can be found in Section 4.4 of the ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1992 standard.”
Page 10, OET 65

The ANSI/IEEE limit for peak power to which the FCC refers is:

For exposures in uncontrolled environments, the peak value of the mean squared field strengths should not exceed 20 times the square of the allowed spatially averaged values (Table 2) at frequencies below 300 MHz, or the equivalent power density of 4 mW/cm2 for f between 300 MHz and 6 GHz”.

The peak power exposure limit is 4000 uW/cm2 for all smart meter frequencies (all transmitting antennas) for any instantaneous RF exposure of 4 milliwatts/cm2 (4 mW/cm2) or higher which equals 4000 microwatts/cm2 (uW/cm2).”

*Note: This leaves unanswered what instantaneous peak power is permissible from smart meters. The level must be below 4000 uW/cm2. This report shows clearly that smart meters can create instantaneous peak power exposures where the face (eyes) and body (testes) are going to be in close proximity to smart meter RF pulses. RF levels at and above 4000 uW/cm2 are likely to occur if a person puts their face close to the smart meter to read data in real time. The digital readout of the smart meter requires close inspection, particularly where there is glare or bright sunlight, or low lighting conditions. Further, some smart meters are installed inside buildings within inches of occupied space, virtually guaranteeing exposures that may violate peak power limits. Violations of peak power limits are likely in these circumstances where there is proximity within about 6” and highly reflective surfaces or metallic objects. The eyes and testes are not adequately protected by the 4000 uW/cm2 peak power limit, and in the cases described above, may be more vulnerable to damage (Appendix C for further discussion).”

Sorry, this is extremely technical but the gist of the issues should be evident even if the details are not clear.

Peak power densities are important and tend to be neglected by the authorities.

Tissue or cell damage from radiation is not necessarily taken into account because it is independent of thermal heating effects which are the criteria used by Australia.

Eyes and testes (presumably also ovaries) are known to be more sensitive to radiation damage but seem to be left out of specified general limits (when in fact they should be the defining criteria for safe levels).

Hot spots of radiation can be several times higher in power than where they may source or be measured.

In practice what this all means is that is almost certainly dangerous to get close enough to a meter to read it! Measurements should be made everywhere a person might be situated, not just some trial locations and distances.

Meter readings close to the source are not necessarily meaningful if the meter is reading electrical energy,  (in the near field, closer than 3 wavelengths, I believe).

The Sage Report is also the source of an interesting assessment about establishing safe levels:

Seletun Scientific Statement:

“Karolinska Institutet

Department of Neuroscience

Experimental Dermatology Unit

Stockholm, 2011-02-03

Scientists Urge Halt of Wireless Rollout and Call for New Safety Standards: Warning Issued on Risks to Children and Pregnant Women

Scientists who study radiofrequency radiation from wireless technologies have issued a scientific statement warning that exposures may be harming the development of children at levels now commonly found in the environment. Pregnant women are cautioned to avoid using wireless devices themselves and distance themselves from other users.

The Seletun Scientific Statement has now been published in Reviews on Environmental Health (2010; 25: 307-317). The article recommends that lower limits be established for electromagnetic fields and wireless exposures, based on scientific studies reporting health impacts at much lower exposure levels. Many researchers now believe the existing safety limits are inadequate to protect public health because they do not consider prolonged exposure to lower emission levels that are now widespread.

“Current US and ICNIRP standards for radiofrequency and microwave radiation from wireless technologies are entirely inadequate. They never were intended to address the kind of exposures from wireless devices that now affect over 4 billion people.”

(Olle Johansson, professor, The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, and The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)

The combined effect of cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, WI-FI and wireless internet place billions of people around the world at risk for cancer, neurological disease and reproductive and developmental impairments.

“We are already seeing increases in health problems such as cancer and neurobehavioural impairments, even though these wireless technologies are fairly new in the last decades or so for the general public. This finding suggests that the exposures are already too high to protect people from health harm. Evidence suggests there are special risks for persons with occupational exposures to RF/MW as well as ELF.”

(Elihu Richter, assoc. professor, Unit of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel)

Safety standards also ignore the developing fetus, and young children who are more affected.

“Pregnant women and children of all ages should avoid using cell and cordless phones given the health effects we are seeing already.”

(Yuri Grigoriev, professor, Dr of Med Sci, Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Moscow, Russian Federation)

Many countries are promoting wireless communications on a community-wide scale for energy management and conservation. The SmartGrid concept could require every home to have a wireless electric and gas meter in place of their existing meters. If implemented, it will greatly increase the intensity of new wireless emissions in homes, schools and every other building that uses electricity and gas.

“WI-FI routers, DECT phones and other wireless devices like baby monitors produce radio frequency emissions that will affect millions of people and babies in their homes, and should be halted until other, less harmful options are investigated.”

(Lukas Margaritis, professor, Department of Cell Biology and Biophysics,?Faculty of Biology,?University of Athens, Athens, Greece)

The Scientific Panel urges a halt to the rollout of new wireless technologies, especially those that cause exposures for pregnant women and for children.

“New, biologically-based exposure limits are crucial to guide new technology development toward solutions that are not harmful to health. The global rollout of wireless technologies has outpaced both health studies and calls for more restrictive public safety limits.”

(Cindy Sage, co-editor of The Bioinitiative Report, MA, Sage Associates,?Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

Copies of the Seletun Scientific Statement [Fragopoulou A, Grigoriev Y, Johansson O, Margaritis LH, Morgan L, Richter E, Sage C. “Scientific panel on electromagnetic field health risks: Consensus points, recommendations, and rationales. Scientific Meeting: Seletun, Norway, November 17-21, 2009”, Rev Environ Health 2010; 25: 307-317] can be obtained from the Karolinska Institute. Contact: Prof. Olle Johansson.

We are correct and wise to be wary. (Ken)

18th May: Some health issues information lifted from the “StopSmartMeters” website:

PLUS from utube:  Shown here for assessment, this is a draft post, so bear with me, please.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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45 Responses to Smart Meters – Are They? What about the Customers? (Draft issue 6)

  1. grumpydenier says:

    I haven’t looked at this in any great depth yet, Ken, but I think that in the UK they may well become a voluntary installation. Take a look at this, it may contain some info useful to you.

    • Thank You Peter. It is a big jump from monitoring total energy patterns to knowing what the loads/appliances are, however – some modern appliances do have interactive abilities and can be identified and even turned off remotely by the company. Also even total instantaneous readings certainly signal home-or-away information. New loading patterns also mean the introduction of new equipment which could be significant.
      So it seems we have some legitimate cause for concern about our privacy.

      Also just noted the follow-on videos which I have not yet viewed but should be wonderful sources of info.

      Really appreciate your contribution.
      Regards, Ken.

  2. Reference related article: “Ofgem-certified ‘Smart’ Meter HACKED: “Homes, office buildings, entire neighbours at risk” ”
    “Stop Smart Meters – There is nothing ‘smart’ about web-enabling our energy or utility supplies. This report helps to illustrate this inconvenient ‘Smart’ Grid truth. Our challenge to British Gas to let us perform a cyber-attack on one of its ‘Smart’ Meters live on TV remains unaccepted but still stands. (Emphasis, where added below, by us) [/]”
    It is well established that computer data and transmission systems are subject to just about any hacking possibilities. Power companies claim safe encryption of data flow to/from smart meters but is hacking entirely beyond question?
    The possibility of illegal access and control of power distribution networks may be remote, but not to be ruled out. Considering the seriousness of such an event, this is a risk that should not be taken.

  3. Reference related article “Chicago attorney sues ComEd for delay in smart meter deployment”
    “US-based utility and energy delivering company Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) has been sued by Chicago attorney Paul G Neilan, on the ground that the utility has failed to deploy the smart meters, after the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) order issued under the state’s Smart Grid Act.
    Neilan has sued the company for $182m.
    According to the attorney, the ICC ordered the energy company to commence smart meter installation by the third quarter of 2012, but the company failed to obey the order.

    This compulsory policy involving such enormous and draconian penalties is clear evidence of “big brother” in action. The global set up of this energy system surveillance, monitoring and control system can now be legitimately seen as a public control mechanism, as has been suggested elsewhere. Enough to send a shiver up your spine.
    $180 million for failing to obey an order!!! Surely a clear message to us all.

  4. Reference Related Article “Smart Meters – Big Brother In The Home”
    “In 2009 a European Commission Directive made it a requirement that 80% of European homes have a smart meters installed by 2020.”
    More proof of “Big Brother” in action.
    “Speaking on BCFM drive time, Mike Mitcham of the Stop Smart Meters campaign, cited a recent case where hackers in Germany proved the security of smart meters to be incredibly poor, allowing them to can record information what about which TV programme or film someone is watching on a non-smart television.”
    I find this very difficult to believe but the claim is there in writing. At least grounds for suspicion if not belief!

  5. Reference Related Article “Who controls the [Smart Meter] ‘off’ switch? ~ Prof. Ross Anderson, Cambridge University”
    “The off switch creates information security problems of a kind, and on a scale, that the energy companies have not had to face before. From the viewpoint of a cyber attacker – whether a hostile government agency, a terrorist organisation or even a militant environmental group – the ideal attack on a target country is to interrupt its citizens’ electricity supply. This is the cyber equivalent of a nuclear strike; when electricity stops, then pretty soon everything else does too. Until now, the only plausible ways to do that involved attacks on critical generation, transmission and distribution assets, which are increasingly well defended.”
    So here is another critical viewpoint, what a grim picture that paints!

  6. Reference Related Article “Smart meter protests step up – La Trobe Valley Express”
    “Damaged says:
    March 23, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    A smart meter made us so sick we couldn’t live in our house. We ended up on the street for 6 months and eventually had to sell the house and move interstate. Sixteen months later our ears are still ringing and we have become sensitised to wi-Fi. This radiation is cumulative and we don’t know if the damage is permanant. The power company admitted to us that about 6% of the population is extremely sensitive to these frequencies, but they refused to remove the meter despite our doctor’s letter and repeated, desperate cries for help. They showed no sympathy, only abuse and didn’t care that our home was ruined. It is much easier to prevent installation than to get them removed once they are in. Keep up the fight.

    Pam says:
    March 24, 2013 at 1:16 am

    Damaged – so sorry to hear your story. These Power Companies admit there is a problem – where they get the 6% is beyond me. They have harassed you, bullied you installed a bloody smart meter and ruined your lives. Another Family forced to move interstate to get “some” peace. Seems to me the Damage is done as you are still ill. Have you Registered on the SSMA Health Register? I suggest this would be an avenue for you. It’s to the right of the comments “Health Issues and adverse health effects of smart meters”. It is completely Private and Confidential……….Good Luck to you and your Family………..Pam”

    Some interesting anecdotal evidence of alleged health issues.

  7. grumpydenier says:

    There’s another concern that just crossed my mind. I saw a U-Tube video a while back relating to criminals and scanning devices that can read the chip on a credit card (the modern ones that you can wave at the card reader) via the radio waves the chip sends out.

    I would be concerned that the SMs could be read the same way and give out account info that might be used to assist in identity fraud. Most financial transactions require a utility bill as proof of ID and this is just another weapon for the criminals.

  8. hirundine608 says:

    Ummm, yes they were mandatory in Vancouver B.C. Now you can refuse them. The radio web around your house is a proven health concern. Leaving people susceptible to cancer, etc.

    I see them as just more spying on people. Like the internet, cameras on city streets, in satellites and drones.

    • Xyila says:

      Sorry but no they were never mandatory in BC and you must know HOW to refuse them – or fail.
      They are not mandatory due to a) the invalidity of the BC Clean Energy Act, b) legal failure to define the word “owner”, c) the illicit use of legislative closure when public funds are involved, d) the absence of royal assent for the energy act, there is no “mandate” for smart meters in BC. Most people ASSUME there is one, since it is almost impossible for them to grasp the extent of this criminal enterprise.
      Despite these legal statute public law omissions, however, one can only refuse smart meters, (which also do double duty as dangerous cell relay collector hubs), in one specific way, by using solely and only one kind of document. None of the rest of the refusal docs worked and most nullify what does work, common law Claim Of Right for non compliance with electrical code.
      The way public works is this: You collude in becoming their commodity, in allowing yourself and your property to become “amalgamated” into the smart grid by a corporation which is free to ignore your rights under public law.
      In universal common law, private mean and women still have rights and protections. One must first CONSENT to having one’s rights taken away by a fictional authority 0 often done by engaging with them, replying to their notices, or asking to “opt out”. The trick is to know exactly how to refuse to opt in. If one CORRECTLY reclaims their common law rights by using a Claim of Right, there is then nothing they can do which can overturn common law right of refusal unless they openly declare a police state. This strategy is working extremely well in BC.
      As for statute law, forget it, you are facing years of scheming to exempt all self declared authority from all premeditated harm. The BC government, albeit clumsily and rife with error, passed a series of “Acts” to protect themselves and BC Hydro/Fortis/Accenture utility from any and all liability for smart grid related damage, fire, even death.
      Here is where to get the docs.
      Instructions must be followed to the letter and copies kept for your records:

      • hirundine608 says:

        Thanks for the corrections and the process.

      • Thanks Xyila, for this excellent info.
        Even though it is BC specific in a lot of ways, it is a very helpful comment.
        A quick look at the link shows it has some good general information as well.
        Regards, Ken.
        PS Nice to see your response “hirundine608”

      • Xyila says:

        Radiation, all radiation, causes cancer.
        These frequencies are no different.
        Conspiratorial as it sounds, the science has been proven since the 40s or earlier. Radar, same thing. Those remotely controlling the smart grid frequencies of these delivery devices are fully able to dial any disease at will. The designer of them for military application, Barry Trower, freely admits this, as he now regrets, and tries to warn people everywhere what has been unleashed on an unsuspecting public.
        Wireless – all wireless – also causes any and all conditions connected to nerves and muscles, which is pretty much everything. Once you permit this device you have signed on for anything and everything, from anxiety to sleeplessness, to a tinnitus-like Frey effect, or over time deafness, cataract blindness, nausea, headaches, migraines, organ bleeding, deep depression, slow descent into madness, neurodegenerative diseases, cognitive impairment, dementia, – and worse.
        If it isn’t intentional, nevertheless, this might as well be the perfect murder weapon.
        Everywhere laws have been written by fictional authorities to make any and all liability for slow motion bio-electrical failure “legal”, to exempt all corporations globally from all culpability for harming everything biological throughout the ecosystem.
        Wireless works by using electromagnetism to cause good old fashion (illegal) electrical induction in all biological creatures. Th frequencies artificially flip nerve switches on and off non stop, like a strobe light, polarizing and depolarizing all nerves and muscles of any biological body billions of times a second. Nuclear fall out, x-rays, c-scans, etc, do the same thing, just quicker. That is why x-ray techs stay behind leaded glass.
        Non ionizing wireless radiation simply does this slower. The cellular damage is identical.
        Wireless invisibly shreds DNA. If one strand of DNA is shredded, it is possible in ideal conditions for it to repair itself. Two DNA strands shredded cannot be repaired – ever.
        Unfortunately, most exposed to this global microwave blanket are likely to become chronically disabled before they realize they had to have already prevented this using radiation shielding, nutritional shielding and the right lawful procedures to remove or refuse these deadly devices.
        Ultra low weaponized frequencies were created as WMDs by the military for one purpose only.
        Just because they were rebranded and then marketed as convenient toys and indispensable (albeit hackable) gadgets, does not change the nature of the original weapons grade frequencies and their slow motion EMP enabling agenda.
        In order to cure one’s own “incurable” cancer one has to also be aware of every single possible thing inside and outside one’s body ecology which can/could cause, exacerbate, feed, or spread cancer – and vice versa. The same bounty of natural cures which are able with the right attitude to reverse cancer also reverse early radiation damage, i.e. vitamin D, aloe vera, spirulina, chlorella, etc
        Many but not all are able to access the attitude which can face down death and refuse to succumb. Once you do, it becomes a touchstone, a kind of fearlessness, a sense of having the right to be well.
        One has to be motivated to refuse to grant any kind of consent to any predatory corporation in collusion with any corrupt government bent on greed via private profit, which views humans as collateral damage. The ignorant around us are part of the problem, obliviously exposing others to second hand electro-radiation by bringing cell tower frequencies into an area of 20 to 30 feet all around them.
        One has to make it one’s business to be aware of how to survive and thrive against such odds.

      • Thanks Xyila, for your additional comment (May 20).
        You may have noticed I have taken liberties with your blog information to create new posts here. I really appreciate your posts on this radiation issue.
        Regards, Ken.

  9. omanuel says:


    I just received this announcement that astronomers and nuclear physicists from around the world are completing a five day symposium on neutron stars:

    Complete comment moved to AGW – A Peer-Reviewed Deception – The “Sky is Not Falling”

  10. Phillipp says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Smart Meters – Are They?
    What about the Customers? (Draft issue 3) |
    The GOLDEN RULE <Loved it!

  11. Steve says:

    Hi Ken, excellent blog. There are quite a few people suffering a variety of health issues since the forced roll out of smart meters in our streets and I am one of them. I am writing blogs for on this very issue. The health issues include constant headaches, insomnia, lethargy but also other nuisance effects that include tinnitus, prickling skin sensations, sharp stabbing pains etc. Do a search on “microwave sickness” and Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and it will give you a good idea of what people are complaining about. I know of at least 80 people who claim similar problems, some of them can be found by doing a search on the stopsmartmeters website using the keyword “headache”. Unfortunately for people like me there are very few options available to protect one self, which include, shielding (which can be very expensive), move interstate or a remote location where RF EMR is low. I have so far successfully resisted installation of a meter on my property but this has not helped my situation because my neighbour has 2 meters close to my bedroom wall. What is most troubling is the various Government departments are not interested in investigating this issue and reciprocal buck passing is rampant. They hide behind disingenuous statements like “The weight of national and international scientific opinion is that there is no substantiated evidence that exposure to low level RF causes adverse health effects” and the WHO has not found any evidence to link EHS to electromagnetic radiation. Unfortunately for sensitive people like myself we do not exist in the Governments eyes. I will be posting a couple of blogs on the stopsmartmeters website in the next few days covering the role of the ACMA in all of this as well as providing some commentary to feedback I received from ARPANSA to questions I posed them.

    • Thanks Steve for your comment.
      I am very sorry to hear about your health issues and the the lack of any sensible response from authorities.
      Your story is a valuable contribution to this post.
      I am just about to update again with some damning evidence of the blatant lack of concern for the public health and wondering about including your story into the article as well as the comments.
      All is currently quiet here, 1 week into the 2 week window of the threatened meter invasion.
      The meter box is now key-locked and has its prominent “No Smart Meter” sign displayed.
      No response from my last letter to Jemena.
      I am considering a letter to Slater and Gordon just questioning their thoughts on these issues of public health and legal aspects.
      So far no reference has been made to legal redress except for one lawyer response that seemed somewhat lukewarm.
      With your case of definite adverse health effects, it would seem worthwhile to try and group with others having the same responses and create a petition to the Government and perhaps Slater and Gordon.
      One easy way to start a petition is through

      Best regards and thanks again!

      • Steve says:

        Ken, I already tried Slater & Gorden but they were apathetic to the issue. They do not pursue legal action against Government bodies and utilities apparently. I also tried Maurice Blackburn but without success. It is interesting to note the chief advisor for Maurice Blackburn, John Cain Junior, was the lawyer who worked for the Bracks/Brumby ALP government who provided legal advice on the AMI program.

        Yes a petition on might be worth a shot.

      • @ Steve. Here I was thinking that we had some saviour resource to protect the public from the country’s injustices, Neither Constitution, Ombudsman, Law firm fit that bill.
        Can we expect the Law Courts to offer a method of achieving justice?
        I think not – the US Supreme Court is corrupt and the way things are progressing (the wrong word, I feel), in Aus., we would be lucky to get a hearing let alone a fair outcome.
        Thanks for contributing.

  12. hirundine608 says:

    It maybe not worth mentioning? But one of the health hazards for potters, not a large segment of population. But one of the health hazards for them, is cancers in the groin area. Said to be due to the proximity of the electric motor in the groin area.

    Of course when authority wants something like the installation of the “not-so-smart” meters. It almost does not matter what can proved, suspected, or whatever. They are going to ram it through whatsoever. Just like enclosure and many other draconian things that have perpetrated on us, “the people”. We will always be last in their considerations. Because we are the fodder for their cannons. The economy for their wealth, etc.

    • Thanks Jamie, I think all that you offered here is worthwhile.
      Eric Bogle’s video is a classic.

      People are just treated like revenue sources, slaves and cannon fodder.
      Veterans treated like unwanted parasites.

      If you read enough you find that all wars are deliberately started for personal gain of a group.
      If all people had the guts to say no killing any more, but it would have to be ALL, the warmongers would have to fight their own wars – pistols at dawn?
      Which re-awakens my love of John Lennon’s “Imagine

      All EMF has the potential to be hazardous to our health.
      So, with smart meters, we have another example of the ‘big brother’ hierarchy demanding “crowd control” no matter the cost to the people.

      Peace! Ken.

      • hirundine608 says:

        Peace, absolutely!

        Unfortunately, it is the rah, rah, rah factor. Jingoism. Most people get swept up in, until it’s too late. Then they all moan and piss about the “horrors of war”. Amplified so ably by Eric, in his song.

        Smart, or not so smart, meters are just one of the latest, in the long line of injustices.
        Thanks, Jamie.

  13. Steve says:

    Ken, I purchased a Cornet ED-75 for around 150$ on e-bay. It does the trick and also has a histogram display showing the RF strength over time. It has a sensitivity range of 100Mhz to 6Ghz but can read as high as 8Ghz but is less accurate. Smart Meter emissions appear as individual spikes.

    • Thanks Steve, I have found a few on ebay. A Cornet model ED 15C for $99 + 28 Post.
      I like the graphic display but am a bit more interested in a different, more versatile type with a comprehensive LCD display and storage function for about $110.
      Have to feel sorry for the local suppliers, we always blaming the gov, for not protecting local business, and other people for not supporting locals, but what can one do if strapped for cash?
      Another choice – Cornet ED65 at $128, but just realized its lowest freq is 100MHz, so not any good.

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  15. @ Steve,
    Another petition site is
    Regards, Ken.

  16. Chenny says:

    I would appreciate your opinion of the matter below.
    I live in a complex of 11 units in south east Melbourne. All the electricity meters are located at the front of the property (in the unit 1’s front yard inside a big meter box). This meters box is not locked. Unit 1 has a gate for their driveway which is not locked.

    I have received letters from United Energy (UE) advising smart meter installation in my area between 27 May and 9 June 2013. I have not written to them that I do not consent to it. I intend to put up the No Trespassing warning sign and padlock the meters box during the time period stated by UE. But I am mindful that it will affect everyone on this block of units (another consequence is that no one can read the meters because the box does not have window glass) so I am uncertain if I can padlock the meters box. There are only 2 owners live in this block, other units are rented out. I have asked my body corporate manager, however, he could not offer any solution.

    What actions can I take? I would very much appreciate your thoughts or opinions. Thank you.

    • Interesting situation this.
      My posts are primarily to research and publish relevant information about, in this case, smart meters.
      I have included the actual details of what I am doing about my particular situation and that includes letters and actually locking and signing my meter box.
      Obviously there is no point in publishing information if no one makes some use of it but specifically giving advice is something I feel hesitant about.
      The inspiring website ” ” has contributors keen on giving advice so a letter/comment to them might result in some useful suggestions.

      Having said that, it seems to me that you have a specifically difficult problem. Not having your own lockable meter and not having full agreement from all unit owners, I guess prohibits the idea of putting a lock on the cabinet.
      You could ask for the body corporate manager to arrange a meeting or, notify all owners and residents that this issue deserves their attention and they might consent to a joint action which denies access to the installers. Also to create a letter signed by all to deny consent for the smart meters.
      I wonder if the meter reading activity is split amongst different retailers, or just one. I imagine one reader only is unlikely because each tenant has their own and probably different retailer and their own specific period of energy monitoring.

      This situation is, or should be, particularly worrying to the tenants of Unit 1, where the meters are situated. You certainly would do well to get them onside with your cause.

      Wishful thinking that, in the long term, this intrusion into our privacy and health states will be recognised as the unlawful and unsafe act that it is, that it is actually a political agenda, and that it should not be a mandatory action and therefore deserving of retrospective law enabling smart meters to be exchanged back to safe meters. This is what is happening overseas in some cases. (This reversal in some countries makes Victoria look very stupid in being the only Australian state to harass its citizens in this manner.)

      Perhaps as a personal gesture you could attach to your own meter, your signed notice of “No Consent” and state that the installers will be held personally responsible for any arising health issues.

      So not really much help at all, sorry!
      Very best of luck to you. Thanks for your comment!
      Regards, Ken.

  17. Chenny says:

    Thanks Ken, appreciate your response.


  19. Xyila says:

    The Lady Or The Tiger?
    Anyone remember the story line in the flick The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas”?
    Those who declare themselves to be public fictional authorities are ignoring all pubic resistance and rapicly deploying (their word, a military term) the smart grid microwave blanket to cover virtually every inch of the world.
    Either they are in possession of various means to protect themselves and their families from literal radiation fall out
    They, too, are going to succumb to disease and disability and death from what they impose on others.
    Care to guess?

    • I haven’t seen that film but I get your message.
      The suggestion that there is danger for all is valid but that is limited to the radiation. There may be more to that than we are aware.
      However, control over our electricity is probably the major issue, and that is selective, courtesy the “fat controller”.
      Thanks for your comment, BTW be careful of your spelling, for example – I have no pubic resistance to some females, 🙂 .

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