China and the ‘New World Order’.

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Today, some-one ‘made my day’. A contact from a globalist specialist blog “The Globalist Report”, now added to the ‘World Issues’ Links, (lower right sidebar), has the answer I was seeking.

We can easily see how they are infiltrating the Western world countries. The Middle East is being thrashed and bound. Iran is being seriously threatened with war, after all covert operations have failed and the assassination of a political leader is traceable to the Israel/US connection.

Strong indications of interference in Russian politics and elections is emerging. Japan has been crippled by the nuclear holocaust. China remained the puzzle to me, especially as they hold a whip hand financially over the US dollar/debt issue.

Now we have some convincing evidence that China may not remain independent nor an opposition. There remains some confusion with Russia’s Putin also courting China, but Putin may not survive the globalist sickle. China may be playing both sides. Who knows the real story? But the mist is clearing and the writing is all but “on the wall”.

As has been said – “we live in interesting times”!

From the ‘Globalist Report’ post “Have The Globalists Invaded China“,

It’s difficult to gage what China’s views on the Globalists are and if they are managing to prevent the Globalists from infiltrating their country. As the Chinese economy grows and demand for its capacity to manufacture goods increases, the biggest problem the Chinese will face is not the threat from environmental disaster or the looming economic collapse of Europe, it’s the invasion of the Globalists.

The implementation of the New World Order is the main priority of the Globalists. The United States of America, Europe and Australia have all succumb to the lure of the Globalists. Corruption in banks, major corporations and government has dismembered the United States, European and Australian economies. However, the fastest developing economy in the world (China) is apparently resisting the temptation of the Globalists. Sadly, this won’t last for long and the Globalists have already began their efforts to invade China.

Do Not be fooled in thinking that the Globalists haven’t already invaded China and commenced infiltrating their private and public institutions. In fact, over the last 10 years in China, the presence of the Globalists and Elite has been growing at a steady pace.

Evil Globalist George Soros Planning to Invade ChinaGlobalist George Soros Loves The Idea of A New World Order

Recently, one of the world’s most powerful Globalists George Soros, invested $40 million in the $2.8 billion IPO of a Chinese Jewellery company called Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd, according to a report from Forbes. The Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange reportedly on December 15. Surprisingly, the Chow Tai Fook Jewellery company is valued more than Tiffany’s.

Another Globalist, Warren Buffett, invested in PetroChina Company Limited. It was rumoured that shortly after, he sold his stake in PetroChina Company Limited and profited around 3.5 billion US Dollars. In 2008, during the month of October, he also invested in an automotive organisation through the purchase of around 10% of the organisations value of which totalled around 230 million USD.

Bill Gates, one of the world’s most wealthy Globalists is now in talks with the Chinese Government to invest in nuclear power through an organisation called TerraPower. TerraPower is a subsidiary of Myhrvold’s, and the company is building nuclear traveling wave reactor technology, which apparently is a relatively new type of small nuclear reactor design that can use the waste byproduct of the enrichment process, or waste uranium, for fuel. It is not yet known how much of an investment Bill Gate’s will make, however what is known is that the funding will be provided thought the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Obtaining information about investment in China is difficult and the Chinese are usually reluctant to divulge any commercially sensitive information that they perceive could harm their interests. The Globalists need china and their plans of invading China via economic manipulation have already begun.

What the Chinese Government and its citizen need to be aware of is that these Globalists will stop at nothing to take over their banks, corporations and government. Thankfully, the Globalists are struggling to enter China, but as China continues its rapid expansion globally and becomes the new world superpower, resistance to the Globalists lies will become more and more difficult. Will the Chinese fall for the Globalists like the Americans, Europeans and Australians did?

By Andrew @ The Globalist Report
The Globalist Report

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2 Responses to China and the ‘New World Order’.

  1. They have said specifically that Bush and Company were put into place by the Rothschild’s head of the World Banks and head of the New World Order. I know, I know – all you Mason’s and die hard Right Wingers call it a conspiracy, but you are part of all this so your words do not really matter!

    China has said that almost all world Nations have been sucked into this New World order with the exception of China and Russia. The Illuminati has murdered Japan leaders over the last few years through fear, intimidation just to keep Japan on board.

    China has said that if the Illuminati try to infiltrate their country and try to take over China’s banks they have a hit list. China has over 40,000 special forces and 7,000 trained assassins to kill everyone on that list.

    That list consists of:

    The Bilderburg group
    Members of Skull and Bones (yes)
    UN Heads
    All Rothschild members

    The list goes on and on – These corrupt people know America is waking up and now China is on to them! Good

  2. Indo-china peninsula of Southeast Asia that includes Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and the Malay Peninsula. In a narrower sense it refers only to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

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